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    Classic Googled Snake eyes Help

    You could probably use this if you dye it black. Randy
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    Terminator 4: Salvation - Prop Discussion (SPOILERS AHEAD)

    I believe that's just a choke tube on the end of the barrel. Randy
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    My son's Transformer costume.

    Awesome job! So does he want to wear it everywhere? My youngest would wear her batgirl costume everywhere if I let her. Randy
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    Cylon Centurion Head and Neck Display 1:1 Scale From Sculpture to Display

    How cool is that! Great job on the dome and congrats on getting on the DVD. Randy
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    Taun taun taxidermy complete!/ Kit now ready/finish pics pg 9

    Re: Taun taun 1:1 scale head WIP Wow!!! Great job! Randy
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    Post your batman suits

    She learned that look from her mother :lol.... Randy
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    Post your batman suits

    Here is mine and the one I made for my oldest daughter. Randy
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    Original Terminator 3 costume display

    Wow, that's fantastic! I love the base. Randy
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    Iron Monger -Halloween 2008 -You know it had to be done.

    I'd hate to run into that in a dark alley!:eek Great job!! Randy
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    Jawa costume, how do you do the eyes?

    Make sure you sand the inside of the plastic hemisphere. That helps to diffuse the light so that you don't just se a single point of light from the LED. Randy
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    Joker socks for the budget minded

    Awesome find! Just ordered myself a pair. Can't beat $7 and free shipping. Thanks for sharing! Randy
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    My Latest Tusken Raider

    I agree it does need weathering. I actually made this for someone so I didn't weather it since they wanted to do that. It does have mesh in the eyes and snout, it's just hard to see in the pictures. Randy
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    My Latest Tusken Raider

    I just finished this Tusken Raider mask and thought I'd share a few pictures. It's a scratch build based of an under skull I sculpted and posted some time back. All the parts are aluminum except the tooth which is resin. Hope you like it. Randy
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    check out my iron man helmet!

    Awesome looking helmet! Love the hinge - what a great design. Randy
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    TMP IRON MAN - New Photos Feb 2011. Page 72.

    Re: Iron Man COSTUME. TMP. Armor FINISHED Painted. Page 1. That's incredible! Very nice job. Randy