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    Interest Raw Gandalf Staff Resin Crown Castings (Moria Version)

    Hate to be guilty of thread necromancy, but this is a beautiful sculpt and was thinking of making my own moria staff with epoxy clay like magic sculpt or something. Did you ever do any castings of the awesome work you did on the crown? If so, please let me know. You can PM me or email too if you...
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    What am I looking at here: Experts take a look .. Chewie with a Phaser?

    Hey guys! I haven't been an active member of this community for quite some time as I had to give up some of my collecting to help support the ever-growing fam instead of my prop addiction. (and it got depressing to see all the coolest stuff in the world that ya can't have) However I've come...
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    New custom mannequin/wardrobe display - Naked Dr. Zaius!

    What a mind-blowingly amazing coincidence this is. Dr. Zaius naked just happens to be my one fetish. Wow...this place provides everything. :lol -Rabittooth
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    Star Trek (2009 J.J. Abrams movie) Phaser Defined Thread!

    Hey yeah! That finish is pretty cool. Hope they really look a bit weathered like that. I'm also no super thrilled with the red, but is a nice design. -Rabittooth
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    Star Trek (2009 J.J. Abrams movie) Phaser Defined Thread!

    I think that for's both. A prop has to be both aesthetically appealing and from a cool film for me to want it. Qui Gon Jinn is my favorite Jedi, but unfortunately has the world's most repugnant lightsaber design ever. I only collected one to complete my EL lightsaber collection, and...
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    Howard's Predator Bust Paint up Albino Style (PIC Heavy)

    That is beautifully repugnant and gorgeously disgusting and cool creepy. :cool -Rabittooth
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    Star Trek (2009 J.J. Abrams movie) Phaser Defined Thread!

    Yes...thanks. :thumbsup -Rabittooth
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    Star Trek (2009 J.J. Abrams movie) Phaser Defined Thread!

    Has this been posted yet? -R
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    Deep Space 9 Raktajino Cups - Images Needed

    So...I assume in 14 cups of hot water? -Rabittooth
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    Deep Space 9 Raktajino Cups - Images Needed

    I know they're not exact, but I have a buncha these for my morning coffee. Not a replica, but a close enough for the daily Java to make you feel all Sisko-ey. :cool -Rabittooth
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    Hulk statue in the works

    It's beautiful, but the first thing I thought was... "Heat Miser!". :lol -Rabittooth
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    JJ ABRAMS Enterprise

    Re: JJ AMBRANS Enterprise I'm somewhat torn. It's not the Original old girl, but she's a pretty ship for sure. Seeing as the film is a reboot, I think it could have been much worse. -Rabittooth
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    Davinci - like theme

    Gonna work on the banner and a few of the needed buttons this week I think. :thumbsup -Rabittooth
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    Darth Bane, Post Dxun

    Gorgeous Thomas. Beautiful work. Earlier in the thread you wrote it was OK for me to use your photo as the basis for a Bane wallpaper on my site. I'd love to use the one you just posted. If it's still ok, could you please post or PM me with what name and/or link you'd like me to use as credit...
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    Parks Sabers (what do you think)

    I think they want him to make ammends to Ghost Host, or at very least apologize for his treatment of Steve and his valuable property. -Rabittooth