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  1. rabbit

    Custom Bio Helmets

    Hello everyone, been recently plugging and pushing points around on a lot of the helmets from Predator Hunting Grounds. Couldnt resist the urge to build one of those sweet sweet Phalanx masks, Began with models from in game, 3d printed the master, cleaned him up and molded him. Casts are ran in...
  2. rabbit

    Predator Hunting Grounds. Your thoughts?

    If anyone manages to rip the models from the game I'd love to make a Phalanx mask. Personally I'm very impressed with the design choices.
  3. rabbit

    Xenomorph Molding question

    I have heard of folx having luck in silicone molds by curing each layer of latex one at a time. Again I've heard it was only luck. Silicone is most likely not the way to go. As far as the Latex casting deformation issue, I believe cold foam would do nicely to fill parts of the cast. If mounted...
  4. rabbit

    Xenomorph Molding question

    So I've been thinking of picking up a project I completed a few years ago. My partner and I sculpted a replica of the Xenomorph. We originally had made a silicone mold and we managed to get several resin casts. I really have an itch to sculpt another Xenomorph, but we really want to be able to...
  5. rabbit

    Predator Hunting Grounds

    I printed the default Scout predator helmet for a friend in my local cosplay community. I think shes going to start building her own Huntress in the next coming months.
  6. rabbit

    Berserker Bio Helmet

    Hello just finished this bio helmet that I made! It was 3D printed in PLA filament and coated in XTC for extra strength. It was printed in 2 pieces, the mask itself and then the jaw bone. Overall I had a blast printing and painting this pred, his armor has been one of my favorites for years.
  7. rabbit

    Deprecated FULL SIZE Alien Warrior head. (banned)

    I think i might pick them up. But how would i go about repairing the molds? Would it be better to mold a cast that was fixed up? or would that fall into recasting?
  8. rabbit

    Deprecated FULL SIZE Alien Warrior head. (banned)

    so he wants people to, recast his recast to sell recasts?
  9. rabbit

    New Predator Pepakura Armour ready for download

    hey man any chance you would post some pictures of the models?
  10. rabbit

    Deprecated FULL SIZE Alien Warrior head. (banned)

    im pretty sure that its the buyer selling the molds, i find it hard to believe that swampdonkey has had a second ebay account since 07 and that it has almost perfect ratings.
  11. rabbit

    Deprecated FULL SIZE Alien Warrior head. (banned)

    Re: FULL SIZE Alien Warrior head. I had a bid up. But lost it at the last second. I really wanted those molds, had I won them I had planned on running casts for everyone who originally purchased one from Marty for free. :/ hopefully whomever did scoop them will feel the same way
  12. rabbit

    Daft Punk Guy Manuel Helmet Project

    hey man, would you ever consider selling casts of just the ear portions? I've been working on a helmet of my own but unfortunately i have no access to any machinery to fabricate them symmetrical at all.
  13. rabbit

    Original Predator Style Head Build 2013

    man the detail is INSANE. How did you get that texture on the top of the head?! I've been trying to do that kind of effect on my sculpt and i can't seem to get it right.
  14. rabbit

    Custom Predator, P1-Berserker

    sorry no pics tonight. I have a question for any of the seasoned sculptors. I'm rather green at this, and i can't seem to be able to sculpt raised scales or small bumps around the eye line. can anyone give me any good tips, or a little hidden gem to make it a little easier ? 
  15. rabbit

    Custom Predator, P1-Berserker

    a little bit more work. a smaller more refined crest. some attempt at facial wrinkling detail. Can't seem  to figure out how to sculpt a bumpy scaley kind of texture. And somewhat bone-ish looking shapes into the crest. 

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