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    Studio Scale K'tinga scratch build

    I kid you not... I see these parts and I hear the Goldsmith STTMP "Klingon" music playing. Breathtaking detail, sir.
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    Fate of the Galileo shuttlecraft full size.

    From Star Trek: Excalibur on Facebook: There is a group about to start a Kickstarter to get it, they have Mike Okuda and Doug Drexler on their restoration team.
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    Quick Intro and a Star Wars shelf build (Pics Up!)

    These look great! Light boxes with images are awesome- the possibilities are endless. I'm thinking of what could be done with those color shifting LED lights, for example.
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    1/350 TOS E is happening.

    I'm waiting for the upgrades to do the Franz Joseph variants. Suddenly this hobby got real 'spensive, Lucy!
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    My new custom-case and the most beautiful Enterprise-A Trekmodeler has ever built!

    Re: My new custom-case and the most beautiful Enterprise-A Trekmodeler has ever built I'd make a special trip to a museum if they put this much effort into a display of the E-A. Brilliant!
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    1/6 ERTL AMT Dr. McCoy Star Trek TOS Vinyl

    This turned out nice- I may have to unbox mine and give it a go. Ironic (cruel even) that the base is a transporter pad. :lol
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    SW Bossk's flightsuit: Found !!

    Perfect timing! I needed a back shot of the vest. Once again... RPF rocks!!
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    Official Show off your model collection thread!

    What can I say :eek Bud I love DeLoreans, I love bugs.. yours is the best of both worlds. Now, if you could only get the thing up to 88 mph,"you'd see some serious ....."
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    Battlestar Galactica Finished pics

    Re: Battlestar Galactica build - studio scale This is why they should build a wing on the Smithsonian Museum for studio scale models. Profoundly excellent work!
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    How could they have fixed Heroes?

    Biggest mistake was quickly killing off William Katt's reporter character. He would have been great as an ordinary guy who was pursuing these freaks, not to kill them but to do worse...expose them. Ah well. I've still got "Chuck" to live for.
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    Harrison and Shia go on record: The last Indy movie DID suck!

    It sucked worldwide to the tune of $786,636,033. Hardly a flop. I liked it. It was fun. It isn't supposed to be Shakespeare, ya know. Shia is doing a Lohan on his career with talk like this.
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    Another Salzo V3 Build

    I spent my lunch hour reading this thread, all for the first time... what a journey! If I could offer one piece of advice: Try out the black primer/white gloss/steel wool on another kit or scrap piece (with raised detail) first. It will give you a feel for how much or how little to do on...
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    A question about Hitch's "Rear Window"

    When Thorwald came to attack him, why didn't Jeff just use that flash as it was meant to be used? Lightsaber! duh!! ;) I love Hitchcock films. They improve with age and rewatching!
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    Ok, this is a stretch..but it is modeling

    missed it.. dagnabit... searching now!
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    Ok, this is a stretch..but it is modeling

    Modeling in edible, cakey-goodness form... gotta love The Duff!