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    "Master Replicas Dumps Star Wars" (Article from MR website)

    That does suck, as does the non-renewal of the license.
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    presenting My Corillian Lightsaber, Or, The First in My What If Series...

    That is a very slick idea, wonderfully done!
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    New Pics of Luke's ROTJ reveal lightsaber

    Any news on how this is going?
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    New Pics of Luke's ROTJ reveal lightsaber

    My opinion would be to go with copper, but I think it would great either way.
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    new MR trooper bucket?

    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(shortimer52 @ Jan 10 2007, 11:50 AM) 1394722</div> I would guess that while MR was having all of the backordered white clone helmets produced until they reached the 2500 mark, they just had to up it another 1000 and add on the Utapau paint scheme. I bet these will...
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    new MR trooper bucket?

    I was tempted to order this one, but I think I will wait to see if a Commander Cody will be done or Commander Bly
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    Update: Solo Elite Edition just arrived!

    Man, I wish I didn't have to cancel my order 2 months ago. Those pictures looked great. Thanks for all of the detailed shots.
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    QMx Money Pack Photos! Have a look!

    I got my two money packs today as well. One for a present, one for me. I haven't opened it yet, but I am glad they are finally here.
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    QMx Money Pack Photos! Have a look!

    I have to agree that the folded map is not what I was expecting when I pre-ordered this, and I will not be going to eBay to buy what I thought I was getting anyway. I just received my shipping notice from Fed-ex, and my package will be here in 4 days, I will have to decide what to do with it...
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    Eragon Props

    I read Eragon when it was first released, and I always hoped that a movie version would be brought to life. I can't wait to see it. I think the props are going to be great, and the swords look awesome.
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    My Landspeeder 1/1

    That is really incredible, and you did it in such a short period of time. Really great work, congrats.
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    Are the QMx Serenity money-packs shipping!?

    Thought I got a shipment notice for these, but it was for something else, not even from QMX, sorry for the confusion.
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    QMx Is Live! Check It Out!

    Pretty cool new site. I ordered a couple of the money packs for xmas gifts for some Serenity fan friends of mine. Tempting to go for the Mal pistol.
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    Pictures of the Emperor's Chair

    I think almost every star wars fan I know would like to have an emperor's chair in their home. Those are some cool pics.
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    Darth Vader ROTJ SE/LE

    It's $60 to join the club and you get to order all or most of their products two days before they're released to the non-members, and sometimes get collector society exclusives and you get a mace windu matte finish mini saber and coupons for other products. It's $130 more for the SE, but you...