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    Superman: Man of Steel Costume *Final Steel Concept Page 7*

    quit being babies. routh's costume made him look even MORE like a total doofus. superman is an alien, therefore buckles do not require belts, and suits can have texture on top of textures. we as earthlings may never understand it. i for one think the suit is beautiful, and this superman actually...
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    Tron Legacy Costume

    awesome work!
  3. Q

    Daryl Dixon (The Walking Dead)

    off to a great start! keep it comin'
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    Hellboy Costume - Complete!

    Re: Hellboy Costume - Molding in process! this is insanely awesome!
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    The Amazing Spiderman lenses, webshooter. WIP

    so far so good! keep it up!
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    Wetsuit batman

    ive actually heard of people who mount their batman armor to wetsuits and wear it as a costume. cant say how comfortable it is though
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    Batman costume help

    cost effective? foamies and plasti dip are a popular method. good luck!
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    early concept of ASM suits

    yeah i have to agree with you.
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    Justice League Cyborg New 52 W.I.P

    lookin great so far! as for the half face piece. you could either sculpt the pice then cast in in urethane or use foamies. use duct tape and get the basic shape on your haed with it. then, take it off and cut it so it lays flat. copy the flat duct tape pattern onto foam, then reassemble. also...
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    dark knight costume for halloween

    amazing work on the chest! once its p-dipped it will be spot on! great job, man.
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    MCL34N's Amazing Spidey- 1 Year Later (New Pics Bottom of 29)

    Re: MCL34N's WIP Amazing Spidey Costume (UPDATED 5-20)(Pic Heavy) Beautiful work MCL34N!
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    Avengers Movie Captain America Project

    looks great! can't wait to see the helmet finished!
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    Steampunk Ironman Helmet WIP - 5/31 update

    Re: Steampunk Ironman Helmet WIP - finally starting it!!! i've been waiting to see something new from you since mikey's iron man suit! this is really an awesome build.
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    Rdmaul TDKR Bane WIP - Update with Pic

    Re: TDKR Bane-WIP Build!! best bane i've seen so far!
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    New 52 Batman Buckle Work In Progress - 3D Model

    hey do you have these in the junk yard? ive messaged you in regards to a purchase, so if you're interested, pm me.

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