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    ScreenUsed says goodbye

    “They should have stayed in Florida.” The business climate in California is horrible, I think they found that out......small businesses do not have a chance here anymore with government regulation the way it is!
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    Where can i buy Screen used prop from Jurassic Park or The Lost World?

    Not any more......only their older items have screencaps (or if an older item is recycled in auction, then it will still have the screencap in it). They stopped using screencaps about a year ago for any new item submitted to them. Really hurt sales in my opinion and it has caused me to...
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    The Mask Props anyone??

    That happens a lot; I have a couple of items that I purchased from people who are also on yourprops and they haven't bothered to remove the item from their listing!
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    Heroes: Hiro and the Dinosaur, plus other paintings.

    I like the way you displayed the paintings too, very nice! :thumbsup
  5. propguy sale SATURDAY & SUNDAY this weekend

    Auction #1 is today and ends in 2 hours!!!!
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    Giant Pacific Rim Kaiju organ on autopsy table.

    I am not familiar with this auction but I assume that some of the auction pictures showed this piece opened up? Pieces like this are sometimes made whole so that the actor can "open it up" during the scene but then the director sometimes changes his mind and just shoots the scene with it...
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    My First Screen Used Wardrobe. Transcendence, Johnny Depp

    Nice! Looks like it has some studio blood on it too, very cool!
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    Screen used miniatures

    Your tram is very cool! I had a fit of nostalgia last week and ordered a bunch of cool old movies off of ebay.......watched Logan's run yesterday, it still holds up in spite of how long ago it was made! I watched it with your tram in mind. Kinda reminds me of an old hand held pencil sharpener...
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    ScreenUsed Spring Auction - March 21, 2015 - 10am Pacific - online now

    auction is tomorrow, good luck to all the bidders!
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    Star Trek Panel from estate sale on 1-17-15

    Put it on ebay, it still is a nice looking graphic, and you may get 50 bucks there for it, a nice profit for you.....
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    Star Trek Panel from estate sale on 1-17-15

    Sorry, it definitely looks fan made to me, not even close to an original............ Here is the back of a Voyager panel I used to own (from the bridge), which was made in 1995; notice how sharp the lines are versus your panel (the tear in the graphic is where a blinky used to be and was...
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    Star Trek Panel from estate sale on 1-17-15

    would still need a photo of the back in order to see if it even looks like the studio gel process.
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    Star Trek Panel from estate sale on 1-17-15

    I would have to agree with Dietrich then; in addition to what Dietrich has pointed out, I spoke with Mike Okuda at a convention and specifically asked if he ever did graphics on anything other than plexi (I have one on glass that was supposed to be early TNG ) and he told me that he had not...
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    Star Trek Panel from estate sale on 1-17-15

    Will need pics of the back side. Is it on plexiglass?
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    Production made Enterprise Stunt EM-33 (I Hope!)

    This was discussed on another board (if it's ebay # 251585270468) ; one of the guys who works in the industry made this comment: "We made those here and it looks to be a raw unpainted casting. Probably not screen used." While he can't be 100% sure without examining the piece itself (hence the...