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    RIP Richard Herd

    He was such an excellent actor!
  2. PotionMistress

    Harry Potter free paper props - all movies and more!

    I'm not exactly sure what you mean by template, but here are a Bertie Botts EF Beans box and Weasley sign, if that helps
  3. PotionMistress

    Elder Wand Build Question.

    Apoxie Sculpt is your best bet. You won't need much, but you can mix, apply, engrave the images in the wand and let cure overnight. Then all you have to do is lightly sand and paint the engraved recesses. Good luck!
  4. PotionMistress

    EVA foam Deep Space Nine Station Build.

    This is going to be awesome!!
  5. PotionMistress

    New Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak by Wow! Stuff

    That was a great review, thank you! The ring and wand extras in the Deathly Hallows version are really a good deal, considering the price of the Noble Collection versions. They may not be quite as nice, but it's still an economical way to go if you don't already have those, I agree! There...
  6. PotionMistress

    Star Trek ruminations

    They may very well be intending to expand on the subterfuge between the Romulans and Starfleet in the upcoming seasons of ST: Picard. I know that they have asked Whoppi Goldberg to return as Guinan in Picard, so that is a good sign. They’ve set up a scenario that could explore the complex...
  7. PotionMistress

    [COMPLETED (for now?)] Disneyland Haunted Mansion Clock

    Absolutely brilliant piece! You've done a fabulous job on this. Anyone would love to have it!
  8. PotionMistress

    Vote For Your Favourite Movie of 2019

    Jojo Rabit was BRILLIANT! I thought I was going to hate it, but came out blown away by it's originality and humor! This should have won best picture. It was much better than Parasite.
  9. PotionMistress

    Please help!!! I got an assignment for my bachelor evening!

    How about this? I know its simple and kind of for kids, but it would be fast. Something along these lines: This is Hedwig (from Harry Potter). Press the top together and glue, then paint Hedwig (the toilet roll) white, cut slices of cork for eyes and feet. Then just print out a tiny...
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    Dumbledore Memory Vial Box

    That is GORGEOUS!
  11. PotionMistress

    Star Trek: Picard

    Holy cow, I LOVED the first episode! Premise is wonderful, the scenes and effects are top-notch without being over the top, and the acting supreme! Now, I can let myself be excited!!!
  12. PotionMistress

    Amazing collections and display ideas

    Holy cow! What a fantastic collection you have. Can't imagine having even one of those pieces.
  13. PotionMistress


    Oh, this is sad news! So sorry to see her go; she was very talented!
  14. PotionMistress

    Harry Potter Wand differences!?

    Interesting comparison on the Noble wands! My biggest complaint about the Noble Collection wands is that they are not wood. I mean, the whole point of the wand is to 'harness the energy of the wood', so to speak, so having a wand that is not at least partially wood, just seems WRONG. I...

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