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    Need input on this Vader lid

    Not a bad helmet if you can get it for the right price..
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    A Tale of Three Vaders

    Super nice Vader keep up the good work...
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    A question for all members...what do you think of this armor?

    The armor is FX and the seller is super to deal with. Ive bought a number of items from him and have had nothing but good dealings..
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    Poll question for Darth Vader costumers

    When I do Vader I do the voice I have a voice changer from Hyperdyne. So I always have the kids asking me to do the famous line from the ESB. No Luke I am your father. :)
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    What does your Darth Vader Costume consist of?

    MY ESB VADER Helmet :SPFX Armor :Not sure on this one Cape and inner robe: Sithplanet Gloves: Sith Armor 2 pc. Leather suit: Sithplanet Belt I built 2in. leather belt with plastic boxes pilot lights and red bezel lights and thumb screws Cod: Sitharmor Shins: Sitharmor Boots: C/A Boots Saber...
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    Chewbacca's Bowcaster blaster

    Thanks for the link :D
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    Vader Costume...

    That is one very fine Vader keep up the good work :thumbsup :thumbsup
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    Chewbacca's Bowcaster blaster

    Has anyone ever done Chewy's blaster??? Or does anyone have any good pics of formentioned weapon??
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    My Vader and 2 Troopers!

    Sweeet looking display :thumbsup
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    Welcome to the 501st.
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    My AP TK

    That is one nice suit. Love to have one myself. Great job :thumbsup :thumbsup :thumbsup
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    My 501st membership application got approved!

    Welcome to the 501st
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    Placement of fans in Vader helmet

    I have mine so it pulls fresh air in. I tried it blowing out once but it just dont work.
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    Black Hole Stormtrooper quality

    Hello I dont post very often. But I have bought quite a few things from Sith Armor they are very excellent to deal with. When you buy anything from them they will send you a UPS. tracking number and the item is insured. They have great communication also. So if your looking to buy from them they...
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    Washing your VADER SUIT. What do U do?

    Well my undersuit is leather, what I do is take it out and let it air overnight then I wipe it down and use febreeze then wipe it down with a leather protectant that keeps the leather soft and flexible.

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