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I live in Minnesota with my wife and daughter and run my prop shop (PHProps) in my spare time. I've been part of the 501st and Rebel Legion for several years and have a number of approved costumes. I also have a number of other costumes and builds going presently:

Costume Builds:
Batman Returns (1992) - Completed
The Dark Knight/Dark Knight Rises - Completed
Dredd (2012) - Completed
The Shadow (1994) - Completed
Darkman (1990) - Completed
Commander Riker (TNG) - Completed
The Raincoat/Overseer (Unbreakable 2000) - Completed
Ghostbutsers Costume, Proton Pack & Accessories (1985/1989) - Completed
The Winter Soldier (2014) - Completed
The Rocketeer (1991) - In Progress
The Riddler (The Batman 2022) - Completed
Billy Butcher (The Boys 2019-XXXX) - Completed

Rebel Legion Costumes:
Chewbacca (Empire Strikes Back) - RL Approved
X-wing Pilot - Generic - RL Approved
X-wing Pilot - Porkins - RL Approved
X-wing Pilot - Biggs - RL Approved
X-wing Pilot - Luke - RL Approved
X-wing Pilot - Wedge - In Progress
Snowspeeder Pilot - Generic - RL Approved
Snowspeeder Pilot - Luke - RL Approved
Snowspeeder Pilot - Wedge - In Progress
Luke Skywalker - Bespin - RL Approved
Rebel Ground Crew - RL Approved
Rebel Hangar Tech - RL Approved
Y-Wing Pilot - RL Approved

501st Legion Costumes:
Kylo Ren - 501st Approved
Imperial Staff Officer - In Progress
Imperial Scanning Crew - 501st Approved
Imperial Bridge Crew - 501st Approved
Imperial TIE Reserve - 501st Approved
Imperial AT-ST Pilot - In Progress
Original TK - In Progress
FOTK - In Progress
Captain Phasma - In Progress
Praetorian Guard - In Progress