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    Phillipes ALIENS Carter Burke card

    Payment sent
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    Star Wars Han Solo Hoth Hat

    Paid-via paypal- thanks!!
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    Has anyone else had an awful Anovos experience?

    Their stuff is great- their customer service is TERRIBLE!!!! And they are beyond slow shippers...
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    Cylon Costume

    Sent you a PM
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    Has anyone ever ordered Durans TOS boots?

    How do I contact Duran (Isabel?) to commission a pair of these Starfleet TOS black lather boots?
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    Columbia jackets?????

    These sold out in all 3 styles , all sizes in like 3 minutes last night online. So frustrating, I was in the process of buying a solo Parka in Large and it was sold out before I completed the transaction. The scalpers had had them up on eBay for $800 4 minutes after the sale started ...
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    Star Trek TOS--The best replica boots available

    Any new ideas on this? I hear someone named "Tiberius Kirk" makes some good ones.
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    Help requon sources for EL sheet and battery for ANH Macrobinocs transparency display

    Hello all--I have a great set of Macrobinocs and I acquired a photo transparency of the viewer image of the Banthas and sand person as seen in ANH before Luke was attacked from a fellow RPF'er. I would like to know (via a web link if possible) the best place to acquire the EL sheet and battery...
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    Want to Buy Vader Fiberglass Shin Armor- ANH or ESB

    ​please PM me
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    Want to Buy Iron Man Foam Gauntlets- ready to go

    As the thread says I am looking for some built up- ready to wear painted and finished MK III OR MK VI or MK 42 suit gauntlets. I have the Tony Stark Repulsor units ready to install. Thanks!!
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    Best way to instal and light a transparency in ANH Macrobinoc viewer

    Thanks for the advice guys- can anyone post a link or direct me to a reputable source for EL sheet? Also RPF member enaswede has transparencies
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    Best way to instal and light a transparency in ANH Macrobinoc viewer

    Hi Just like the title says- I have a nice set of Macros I put together and I bought a photo transparency of the Tusken and Banthas with the viewer image from the film. Any advice on the best way to install and light it in the Eumig viewer? Thanks!
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    Motor cowboy Star Trek Original Series Boots

    Has anyone ordered these boots - are they good?