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    Queen of Death - Huntress build

    That's a really great start, can't wait to see the finished product (and I've always loved the model you're basing if off).
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    Scratch built plasma canon

    That's such a creative and awesome approach, it's turning out so well! Nice.
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    my first suit!!!!!!

    Both the gauntlets and the bio are looking great! I never would have guessed they were made from cardboard, that's a really clever, budget way of doing it and the result is amazing!
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    Wolf Lass Suit WIP

    Aww thanks guys ^_^ I'll try and get the cannon finished in the next few days and put up a vid of it working and moving about.
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    Avp Ceremonial Dagger

    Wow, looks epic!
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    Wolf Lass Suit WIP

    Beginnings of my foamie plasma cannon. I used ref pics from one built by someone here on the Lair, but sorry I can't remember their name. Thanks to whoever you are! So yeah, got more detail to add, gotta add the clay parts yet, etc etc. And then painting. And I know it's a bit bigger and...
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    Wolf Lass Suit WIP

    Thanks everyone. And that's a good idea about the shoulders, I'll see what I can do.
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    Wolf Lass Suit WIP

    Thanks, I can't take credit, but I'm pretty pleased ^_^
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    Wolf Lass Suit WIP

    Thanks ^_^ I like the idea of having a bit of subtle goth in there. And here I am again, finalllllly. I've got a video of the beginnings of a little animatronic plasma cannon that my room mate Chris is making for me. Can't wait til the headtracking is working! Anyways, here is a link to the...
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    Hey everyone, I see lots of cosplayers talking about how awesome this stuff is, and it does look good, but I've not seen much mention of it here. It's pretty expensive (to get it to Australia anyways). Have any of you used it, and if so, worth the price? How does it compare to Sintra in...
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    Cheap predator hands

    They are really good ^_^ Can I ask how long the fingers are? I have small hands and every pair of gloves I've found have been about twice the size I need. Found this exact pair on ebay, am thinking of getting them. I guess I could always try and make them smaller if they are huge.
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    project plasma cannon WOLF

    Nice work, that looks great. I am always amazed by what you can do with foamies.
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    You're One, Ugly Mother @#$!%&... First Pred WIP *Update Oct 4/10*

    Sooooooooooooo much luck to you ^_^
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    Loreleys Armour sewing

    That is such an awesome idea and looks so good all painted up like that. Nice to wear armour that is so strong and non breakable too I bet.