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  1. Onli Won Kanomi

    Star Trek Universe question

    There is [and always has been] more than one kind of nuclear warfare that nuclear strategists have conceived...the "full release" strategic nuclear exchange that most movies and television show whenever "nuclear war" is depicted has always been the least likely scenario due to rational-choice...
  2. Onli Won Kanomi

    2001 - What am I missing?

    We found out in "2010" and its a rather AWESOME 'weapon' too. The Kardashev Level 2+ Galactic civilization in Star Wars could explode small rocky planets into rubble. The Monolith civilization [at least Kardashev level 3, maybe 4] which Bowman/Starchild evolved to parity with as HALMan...
  3. Onli Won Kanomi

    Now you can finally buy an Academy Award

    Remember that Queen Oprah [in her mind] also has tried - and succeeded - in 'buying love' of her sycophant audience by giving them all FREE CARS just for coming to one of her shows [I half expected her to do a Sally Field "you like me" on her show that day it was so disgusting]...she's a blatant...
  4. Onli Won Kanomi

    2001 - What am I missing?

    Great insight Colin and one I'd never thought of either. One thing I like about 2001 is that it has more than one subtext, more than one context, more than one meaning; every time I see it I get something new from it. To me that multilayering of subjective meaning is an element of true art.
  5. Onli Won Kanomi

    2001 - What am I missing?

    There are plenty of Michael Bay type 'ooh thet thar aylee-yen rowbott blewed up real gud' films for those who don't want their minds to work and are only concerned with what 'loox kewl doodz'...its easy to get those kind of 'dum dummerer n dummerest' films a greenlight from fat lazy-minded...
  6. Onli Won Kanomi


    People see things from their own historical, geographical and cultural perspective. In ancient times in the 'Holy Land' with their 'religious' mindset they could have seen those entities as 'angels' the modern America with our 'scientific' mindset we would tend to see them as 'space...
  7. Onli Won Kanomi

    How much would the Death Star cost to build?

    21st century Earthlings trying to 'cost' the Death Star in our terms is kinda like Iron Age Romans trying to assess the cost of transcontinental railroad systems or suspension bridges ["they would require more iron than we can imagine ever being possible to produce Caesar!"] 2 millenia later...
  8. Onli Won Kanomi

    Unlimited Run TridCloudwalker's Anakin AotC Lightsaber Run! NOW SHIPPING

    Re: TridCloudwalker's Anakin AotC Lightsaber Run! Awesome! :) :cool
  9. Onli Won Kanomi

    NX-09 Defiant

    I quite like the ideas behind that and how it links back the Defiant concept of DS9 to what could be a reasonable ancestor in the Enterprise era...well done, BRAVO!
  10. Onli Won Kanomi

    Best way to clean/polish sabers?

    Mothers Mag polish is the best I've ever used. Its original use was for high polish 'mag wheels' for cars so you can find it in automotive supply stores. It works amazingly well even with hand polishing to restore a near mirror finish or with powered polishing wheels to create one.
  11. Onli Won Kanomi

    If licensed companies made accurate props, would you still make your own?

    Illuminated sabers are my thing and what can now be done by 'pro' sabersmiths or DIY in the saber hobby is so far ahead of what Hasbro Force FX or even Master Replicas has ever offered that I can't imagine going back to licensed lightsaber replicas unless they made a quantum leap in quality that...
  12. Onli Won Kanomi

    How long was Luke on Dagobah?

    Chewie knew what a Jedi was better than Han because Chewie was older and had personal relationships with Jedi a long time before the Falcon ever took on as passengers a Tatooine farmboy and 'Crazy Old Wizard' from the Jundland Wastes. And it was not just any Jedi that Chewie had a friendship...
  13. Onli Won Kanomi

    JQSABERS?? ULTRASABERS?? Are there others? NEED HELP!

    I remember your parts and think there would be a market if you choose to offer them again. You mention EL ready sabers so I'm not sure if you are wanting to add sound to EL lighting technology you already have on hand or have empty EL sabers you want to add light and sound to? If the former...
  14. Onli Won Kanomi

    What one prop would you get done on CNC machine?

    An LED/sound ready 100% screen accurate replica of Count Dooku/Darth Tyrannus curved lightsaber...the Hasbro Dooku was *in The Tick voice* just...plain...wrong.
  15. Onli Won Kanomi

    >> New Members: Please Introduce Yourselves Here! <<

    re: ** New Members: Please Introduce Yourselves Here! ** Hello everyone. My name is Eric, I'm from the 'Great White North of Hoth' [actually Toronto, Canada] and my main area of replica prop interest is lightsabers and other props related to Star Wars and Star Wars costuming. I am also a forum...

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