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    Monty Python and the Holy Grail - Patsy Pack

    Dude I love it. A couple of (k)nights ago, was watching The Holy Grail, and thought… this would be some great friend group Halloween costumes for a good laugh! Now I come here and see this! Awesome work man! Love it!
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    An American Werewolf in London Bust

    Dude that is pretty awesome man! Do you still have the mold by any chance?
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    Now this is the kinda thing that gets me in the mood to make ****!
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    Service Available for commissions and machining..

    Hey man, might hit you up for some more of those blades for the Omen Daggers I sculpted. The last year I'm getting hit up a lot about selling some. Have a few left, sold a few, gave a few to friends for Bday presents etc, but now that on google my sculpt is the top result in google image...
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    Looking for a good replica of the Auryn Necklace?

    So the significant other expressed that she'd love a replica of this. Unfortunately I'm out of the loop as regards Never-ending Story replica props. Any avid fans here able to help me out on finding a good replica, size and colour etc of the necklace? Sorry for having to ask, but it's kinda...
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    Identifying Dean Corso's bag from The Ninth Gate

    Weren't there multiple bags used in the film? I'm sure in this thread alone someone has pointed out differences between varying scenes. Been a while since I read through the thread though. There's even a scene that has an entirely different strap.
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    Looking for site for contact lenses, any recommendations:

    Looking for some recommendations where to get contact lenses, safe ones that is. Any help or links is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    Evil Dead 1 Necronomicon , Now with Chainsaw + ED 2 book (WIP)

    So back in January I set out to identify the map used in the Evil Dead intro scene, the map Bruce Campbell is holding. I didn't want to publicise it until I managed to nab one. The map is a "Pictorial Map of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park Area" or "Souvenir Pictorial Map of the Great...
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    Fold-out brochure map printers, EU preferred? Anyone have recommendations.

    So about 5 months ago I finally identified a map that was used in one of my favourite films. The map sadly is pretty rare, and was originally released forty years ago. Well I've managed to track one down, and purchased it. However, I'd like to make a few copies of it, so I can put the...
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    Stephen King Props

    For any of the Christine fans: MOD EDIT: ebay link removed. Not the Burbank San Val drive engraved ones…. but still the exact same.. working too! USER EDIT: Since when are Ebay links to items not allowed ? …. the item wasn't mine… I was posting it for anyone looking for Stephen King novel /...
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    Another casting silicone from a silicone mould question thread...

    Yep, I dun goofed and became aware of my error earlier while googling. Getting the price on the Inhibit X in the morning. I was aware before that tin - tin, platinum - platinum, but it completely slipped my mind!. I'd say the best bet is to use my original plaster mould, and repair the crack...
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    Another casting silicone from a silicone mould question thread...

    Thanks for the reply. It's my first time casting silicone from silicone, so I didn't know that this huge level of sticking was normal. I might give it a go this evening but may apply a lot more ease release, and see how I get on.
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    Another casting silicone from a silicone mould question thread...

    I've browsed the silicone casting from silicone mold threads in the past. So I thought all would be cool. A couple of months ago, I was casting dragon skin silicone from a plaster cast, and the mold broke. Nothing big that can't be repaired. However, I thought it would be best to hold on to...
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    Reebok Stompers and other Aliens themed shoes

    Re: Reebok Aliens themes shoes The box they come in is cool, and the price isn't too bad as they are a set, i.e. you get both pairs. Think they go on sale on July 18 (so says here anyway)
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    Reebok Stompers and other Aliens themed shoes

    Re: Reebok Aliens themes shoes I'm just trying to picture them in Hi :D Reckon the black would be a seller if they were Hi though, female fashion and all that.