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    Building a better X-Wing: Revell's 29th scale kit plus Falcon3Dpart's upgrade details

    I am doing this kit also. I just got my falcon 3D replacement cannons today. I have the brass tube and will start this weekend. I’ll post pics when done. I didn’t think of putting aluminum tube through the hull. I’ll have to try this. My plans were to have my X wing in a non flight display. I’ll...
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    Revell max 1/29 conversion.

    I know this kit is not a SS, but I am helping my younger son with this build and was looking for help/advice. We have the Revell max 1/29 kit and replacement parts from Falcon 3D. Cockpit, cannons, power plant behind R2. We are at a stand still with the cockpit. The new one has no instructions...
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    Finished: Partisan X-Wing (Pic Heavy!)

    Does this x wing have a astrodroid? I can’t find any reference photos. Thanks
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    X-wing paint

    I am finding it difficult to locate a screen accurate photo of the engines on the studio scale used in ANH red five. I went to the video and it looks like a three part paint scheme. Medium grey, base coat then light grey not included the nozzle. Does that this sound correct? Thanks
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    X-Wing 1/29 scale lasser cannons

    Thanks. It’s been a struggle, but I’m getting better at my fine motor skills. Thanks for the kind words. Take care.
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    x-wing 1/29 scale decals

    No luck finding decals anywhere. It’s so labor intensive to mask off for painting the wing markings. Does anyone have a stencil or an easier way of painting on the red five on the wings? I could scan a decal of them and possibly crop to size then make a stencil for masking. Any ideas would be...
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    1/30 X- wing decals

    Hey all, I’m shopping around for decals for our X- wing max 1/30 scale conversion. Are there any decals on the market for this scale? Thanks again.
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    X-Wing 1/29 scale lasser cannons

    Thanks again. Your the best.
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    X-Wing 1/29 scale lasser cannons

    This is just what I was looking for. Thank you so much for sharing this doc. Cheers
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    X-Wing 1/29 scale lasser cannons

    Hello to all, It’s been some time since my last visit to the RPF. I’ve been lade up due to a bad car wreck. Now that I’m feeling better and have some of my fine motor skills back, I wanted to pick up where I stoped working on my Revell snap Max 1/30 X-Wing conversion. At present, I need to...
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    She’s a dirrrrrrrrty girl

    Thanks. I spent a month doing this project. I did the base with pink foam and baking soda. I used pva glue and then painted it white with the airbrush. In flight was done with a rod and painted.
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    She’s a dirrrrrrrrty girl

    Revel kit repainted and weathered. Some parts added on.
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    Trench run wall hanger

    Good advice. I was thinking of that but I had set them in place. Next time I will do this. Thanks
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    Trench run wall hanger

    Thanks for all the kind words. I spent a little over a month on this build. The base (wall) took the longest. Putty and painting. The back is insulation foam to give in a floating effect. The ships were fun to build. Bandai does a great job of engineering. Now I just have to find a good spot...
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    Trench run wall hanger

    Close ups.