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Hi. My name is Ann (more commonly known online as N'ritja or Ziba) I am an artist. Started out as a furry artist back in 2000 and is today a concept artist. Privately my art mainly consist of cartoony and realistic animal drawings and recently started to draw <acronym title='Alien Vs Predator'>AVP</acronym> art as well. All my art except of some of the concept I do can be found online on pages such as DeviantArt: Link<br />
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Recently I also broadened my artistically reach to include novel writing and is currently working on my first <acronym title='Alien Vs Predator'>AVP</acronym> fan novel, which will soon be followed by two other <acronym title='Alien Vs Predator'>AVP</acronym> fan novels I am planning to write.. Those can also be found on my DeviantArt page.<br />
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I have been a huge Alien (xenomorph) fan since the day I was old enough to watch those movies back in the early 90's but did not become a predator fan until the first <acronym title='Alien Vs Predator'>AVP</acronym> movie came out back in 2004 which awoke my curiosity to those creatures and I started study them a bit online and watched the original predator movies. (so yes I am fairly new in this fandom) Today I love the yautjas more than I love the xenomorphs and I consider myself a predaphile (yes, please don't bite me &lt;.&lt;)<br />
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I am also a huge gaming and roleplay nerd. I have been roleplaying since 1994 where I was introduced to D&amp;D and until recently I founded and administrated a fantasy rpg board online which I decided to close down and instead created an <acronym title='Alien Vs Predator'>AVP</acronym> rpg board, which can be found here: Link

Drawing, writing novels, animals, gaming and roleplaying
May 29, 1981 (Age: 40)
Aalborg, Denmark