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    Foam Pred Head WIP pic heavy EDITED!!!

    Gentlemen, the Era of Foam is upon us.
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    Predator Halloween Costumes

    With these costumes, the armor may not even go all the way around, for these pictures always only show the front.
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    Predator Dad & son

    Love the ending, "Are you proud of me now dad?"....."Are you?" :D
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    AvP comic book movie?

    Your Idea is good to Xeno, but that would take years to arrange, plus we might fight with one another on how to make it.
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    AvP comic book movie?

    oooooooh, not to hijack, but I had an idea. How about a hunter fan film where we shoot all diffirent scenes by ourselves these can be our own shorts or episodes if you will. send all participating footage to a hunter with good editing skills, pull it all together. BAM, you have short pred fan...
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    How do you deal with perfectionism?

    What I do for other projects (Only do this if your not going to upgrade it) I put up my first creation in view of where I work, so if I get frustrated and or irritated I look at it to remind myself that I'm trying to perfect my skills and get better at it. Hope this helps! :D
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    lost hunter bio displays

    awesome job dude! Are their faces behind the bio? You know, if you ever take the bio down.
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    PREDATORS Soundtrack

    There is a track in the Predators Soundtrack LITERALLY called "Theme from Predator" that was the track he was talking about. and this is the sound he was reminded of that Jason makes
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    PREDATORS Soundtrack

    He said, and I quote his quote, "Theme from Predator" and it wasn't the theme it was the sound Jason makes. ;)
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    PREDATORS Soundtrack

    It is wicked, and to the friday the 13th thing. It does!! Took me headphones to hear it though. Well it's too late now.
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    My first suit build EVER (budget)

    Thanks, Yautja Queen, my goal for the expensive one is either tusky or falconer. BTW mods, am I supposed to delete this thread when I put the suit in the Trophy Room?
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    Predator concrete jungle 2 and Avp extinction 2

    I'm interested in writing a storyline too. ;)
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    My first suit build EVER (budget)

    Thanks Guys, I'm going to move it to the trophy room as soon as I get some posed pics.
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    Tusky and Falconer face??

    hmm... interesting, but will the HT all have removable masks? Plus, I think I'll get a bob baggy berserker head raw and paint it up to a falconer design.