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    Star Trek Discovery - case found

    Thanks for that. Just picked one up in gun metal grey. Shipping to the uk was a bit steep but when it arrives I can put my laser tag phaser in there
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    3D Printing Babylon 5 PPG

    I printed the grip standing upright on mine which is the best orientation for the detail on the grip to come out. My remix is up on Thingiverse Lasertag PPG by neophyl.
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    ALIEN COVENANT Design, Costumes and found objects

    The pull over jackets are generally refffered to as smocks but I haven't found any matches as yet. Walters trousers/pants look like British army quilted trouser liners though. They did them in both black and olive.
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    Blake's 7 prop replicas?

    Birdie, as its a live role play event the game itself will be set in the B7 universe, timeline wise just after the Andromedan War of season 2, we wont be playing the actual crew though. Our little band are planning on being the crew of another freighter but the costumes will be very much in the...
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    Blake's 7 prop replicas?

    Just realised I hadnt posted these here yet Not 100% accurate but these are packed full of electronics for use in laser skirmish games so have an ir led and lens system in the barrel. The magazines are removable and swopping them changes the sounds and the effect the gun has. Fun things to...
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    Weta - Dr Grordbort's Custom Raygun Contest! - SHOW OFF YOUR CONCEPTS AND DESIGNS!

    I shall be naming my creation the "Angry Auroch's" I think. Im off to Whitby for a steampunk weekend with friends and Im sure the competition will be the talk of the weekend. Time for some brainstorming to get the creative juices flowing.
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    TRON LEGACY: ID Disc :: Small Update

    Not a direct picture link as they seem to stop the saving of a direct link but heres an example Google Image Result for
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    TRON LEGACY: ID Disc :: Small Update

    Instead of machining the collars to hold leds why not just use existing led bezel mounts ? Afterall thats what they are for and exactly what they look like on the prop anyway.
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    Has anyone made a replica of Asajj Ventress Sabers?

    I built these awhile back but Im not really in the sabre making game any more. They were just 2 'henry' vacumn cleaner tube parts off ebay with machined emmitters and pommels.
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    Sherlock (BBC) Coat - anyone found it?

    Stay away from that 1830 frock coat pattern. its the worst piece of drek Ive ever bought. None of the parts line up correctly. I ended up junking it totally and drafting my own using The Costumer's Manifesto: The Cutter's Practical Guide 1893-1898 by W. D. F. Vincent as a guide.
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    Do you know where I could find trousers like these...

    If you want to make your own then Laughing Moon makes a great pattern and also supply the buckles for the rear too. Laughing Moon Mercantile - Purveyors of Sewing Pattterns, Clothing and Accessories I bought a copy from them and can really recommend it, shipping to the UK was pretty quick...
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    Warehouse 13 - The Tesla Gun

    Something I made. Theres some 1/2" aluminium plate in the centre that is milled out for the battery and the trigger/switch etc,which provides strenth then walnut side panels were fixed on, marked and then cut and sanded to size. Without the side panels it looks like the grip on Jango's...
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    Warehouse 13 - The Tesla Gun

    Actually yes in certain ways. We use a IR based lasertag system so the gun 'fires' an IR beam. There is a microcontroller in the rear that produces the correct IR signals but it also has a charging period between shots and controls multiple blue leds in the main tube and also in the inner...
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    Warehouse 13 - The Tesla Gun

    I built my own interpretation of this for a LARP game last year and due to the outdoor nature of the event didnt want to use glass either. I found some nifty acrylic 'test tubes' that have childrens science projects in Not sure if its the...
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    Warhammer 40k Imperial Guard Lasgun

    I made the G36 conversion one in Jackdoud's third link. I'll be seeing the current owner of the lasgun at the end of May so hopefully I'll get some better pics than the crappy iphone ones I took of it. Theres going to be a few more 40K weapons for Jack to add soonish, including a laspistol...