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    Queen Ravenna Skull Dress

    This looks really amazing so far. I admire your attention to detail.
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    Smoothon's Epsilon. New foam coating material

    Since the Epsilon gets so harder over time do you think there is any chance of it distoring curved pieces?
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    Abbyshot Doctor Who Green Coat

    I got a Martha Jones Jacket from Abbyshot and it is my favorite jacket to wear ever. I wear it as often as possible and it fits me perfectly. I hope you enjoy yours.
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    Diablo costume WIP

    Wow this is amazing.
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    Resident Evil: Retribution - Alice

    Oh, wow I'm so happy to see this. The entire time I was watching the movie all I could think is that I need to make that costume but I have so little time so I will live vicariously through your build.
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    predator build (pic heavy)

    Very nice. Thanks for the inspiration for me to get off my butt and finally make one of these for myself.
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    Ame-Comi Steel Build (WIP Pic Heavy)

    Thanks again for gluing me into it:$
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  10. my steel

    my steel

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    Ame-Comi Steel Build (WIP Pic Heavy)

    So here is a picture of my almost finished Steel from Dragon*Con
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    Prometheus SE Suit build (wip)

    I saw you at Dragon*Con and thought it looked really good.
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    "CONDORMAN" Wings?!

    I saw you during the masquarade at Dragon*Con nice job man!
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    Earthworm Jim and Earthworm Kim Costumes (Complete 10/22/12)

    Re: Earthworm Jim and Earthworm Kim Costumes (8/20/12) that is so awesome.