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    I broke my own toy collecting rule

    You people talk about toys and figures (and you all have my respect, colleting is collecting no matter what :)) and I see some heartbreaking stories. It's fun to read and know you are not alone to walk away from something good. Now for my story... I've been wanting a divers helmet (those big...
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    ISAC/Beacon unit from "Tom Clancy's - The Division"

    Looks even better now the second time around and looking at your model there it make alot more sense in the assembly. Those screws might not be there in the digital version (who needs screws in the digital world anyway?) but it sure looks right to me. I'm looking forward to see how this comes...
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    ISAC/Beacon unit from "Tom Clancy's - The Division"

    This is really cool!! Great work so far and be sure to update us during your progress :)
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    Suggestion One off custom build forum.

    Agreed. I'd like to see a more "general" forum for people to post their non-Star Wars/Trek builds in. As it is now, alot of post that doesn't revolve around those two franchises kind of drown in the general section.