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    Mahogany Nimbus 2000 and other HP stuff

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    Butted Steel Chain Mail Shirt and Coif

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    Roman Props Obi-Wan parts (nearly complete)

    Is this still available?
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    Full Sized LIS Robot

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    Men in Black - Tri-Barrel

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    Harry Potter wands

    Someone with some skills needs to sculpt and offer up that Wormtail wand!
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    Harry Potter wands

    I've been a fan and collector of the Noble wands since they came out. I have quite a few of them, as well as the Universal parks wands. Once I got the book it turned something loose, and now I NEED to find each and every variant there is. Its an expensive habit at times.
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    Harry Potter Sorting Hat - CON PICS!!!

    Re: Harry Potter Sorting Hat - WIP Brilliant!
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    Want to Buy Harry Potter Nimbus 2000 broom

    Most appreciated gents!
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    Want to Buy Harry Potter Nimbus 2000 broom

    Re: Noble collection Harry Potter Nimbus 2000 broom Bump for exposure!
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    Hagrid's Pink Umbrella from the Harry Potter movies

    Good lord I need one of these now too! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Mary Poppins Parrot Umbrella Build

    My wife would love one of these! Great job so far!