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  1. Murasaki

    Real Hovering Jedi Training Remote: FINISHED!

    WOW ... Holy smokes ... would love one myself.
  2. Murasaki

    Large size Falcon at SOLO premiere

    WOW ... thank you so much for sharing
  3. Murasaki

    blaster recaster on ebay + rocketeer helmet

    That is normally done by having a dozen different accounts or scumbag friends assisting her! ... But recasting or splashing as we call it in the kit car world is common ... Guys selling a $8000 Lamborghini kit, will have someone purchase it, splash it and then sell kits a few grand less, it is a...
  4. Murasaki

    THIS Kicked me right in the Star Wars balls!!

    I have to say I cracked up laughing at Luke milking the creature, then drinking the milk and the way he look at Rey.
  5. Murasaki

    Interest Aladdin Metal

    Interested, shipped to Japan.
  6. Murasaki

    R.I.P. Toys R Us

    Toy R Us in Japan are safe and sound, they are not closing, but they have nothing on the US toys.
  7. Murasaki

    DeAgostini 32" Falcon (Rescue Project)

    I love this build, I waited until I had all the issues before starting, there are a lot of things that need to be changed as not correct ... I'm also going to get a 1:43 X-wing and Y-wing printed up to go in the display box with the Falcon .. Going for a repaint and full of fibre optics ... Im...
  8. Murasaki

    Rogue One Blastech A180 Pistol

    Thank you ....:thumbsup
  9. Murasaki

    NEW inexpensive Indiana Jones GOLDEN IDOL (not licensed) $79

    Think is a standard shipping rate, Im in Japan across the pond from the US and get the same rates.
  10. Murasaki

    Rogue One Blastech A180 Pistol

    OK as new to the forum, can someone post a link to these Evike kits, please?
  11. Murasaki

    Limited Run Lara Croft’s Necklace from Tomb Raider 2018

    Re: Lara Croft’s Amulet from Tomb Raider 2018 Put me down for one.
  12. Murasaki

    Are Star Wars toys just not selling?

    They are not dead in Japan, just triple the price. I only buy my son droids, and Im building a full scale MSE, and collecting parts for a full scale R2 series astromech. The price for Star Wars items is stupid here, I was looking at a Stormtrooper decanter in the USA they are on Amazon USA for...
  13. Murasaki

    Jedi path stupidity

    That $200 price is from Amazon Japan ... Wall-e Interactive Toy in the US cost me $75 ..$29 for Wall-e and the rest for shipping to Japan .... Same Toy in Japan on Amazon is ¥204,202 in US$1,925

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