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    Custom Keyboard Cap

    I have printed a custom keyboard cap as an experiment with a 3D printer. I am trying to cut out the mounting point that the cap goes into on the keyboard, and I am looking for the best way to do so. The black key is from the keyboard itself. The grey is my 3D-printed one. I need to copy the...
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    My first ever movie prop from scratch

    This was my first ever prop build, and it started me on a journey of making many Star Trek and other props. I was always into model-making kits, tanks, army dioramas, and such but, this was the first time I scratch build a prop. I made this in about 1998 at the age of 13. simple for me now, but...
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    Custom ST Voyager PADD build

    this looks great, good work... i might try this with one of my PADD builds
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    Star Trek Props: Tricorders / PADD

    Hello all, looking to see if anyone has any PDF's with tricorder instructions. also looking for a PADD template. i had one a few years ago and now the link that i used is dead. i made a bunch out of styrene and it was a great outline. also looking for a hypospray scratch instructions.... same...
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    Star Trek Voyager Hypospray pics needed

    hello, you still need pics?? i own a hypospray, mulletMan and looking and just realizing that this post is 7years old haha. if u still need them tho i can provide. have professional camera.