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    Interest Done!!

    Re: Shore Trooper helmet and Armor (Rocketeer collab) now collecting armor deposits PM sent
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    Done / Completed done

    Re: Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper ARMOR kits Episode 7 TFA interested pending price
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    Edmonton Comic Expo 2015

    I'll be there on Saturday
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    Limited Run WInter Soldier Mask and Goggles

    I am interested, do you have any pics of what it looks like in kit form?
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    I AM BANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    well done.
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    Unlimited Run Tron: Legacy Black Guard helmet

    This is awesome and on my December radar!
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    Want to Buy Dr. Fate Helmet

    I'm on the hunt for a resin Dr. Fate helmet. I like the V2 the PVS offers but I'm looking for other options. It can be the new 52 style and I would like to paint it.Please let me know if you have one FS or know anyone builders who make this helmet.
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    Want to Buy Muscle suit

    I've heard good things about these guys Flex Design Costumes
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    Conceept Stormtrooper from DH The Star Wars # 0

    I love the helmet. You could actually see out of it ;)
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    The worst movies you've ever seen?

    I have sat through a great many horrible movies in my life but to keep it recent I'd have to say Iron Man 3, and both G.I. Joe films
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    Movies you hate that everyone else likes

    Reservoir Dogs Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 2001 Space Odyssey
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    Skyrim Dwemer and Nightingale Armor

    Great work on the costumes and the forest pics are really cool too
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    Ultron - The Greatest Avenger Villain!

    The head sculpt and execution is awesome
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    Starkiller from Force Unleashed II

    Great looking costume, the details look spot on. You may have to roll around in some sand to dirty him up a bit though.