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    Question I would like to know where to post inquiries about breaking into sci-fi costuming (answered)

    You can ask questions and seek help in the Replica Costumes forum.
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    Question Email notification alerts stopped working

    Sorry for the time between replies but we are working on getting the feedback system imported and running and it is taking longer than anticipated. I checked your settings and there are correct for getting an email notification when you are quoted. You should receive an email as a result of my...
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    Passing of Faustus 100

    Status set to "Gone but not forgotten."
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    ANOVOS Sued in a 5 miliion class action suit

    There are numerous threads around the forum dealing with this issue, so no need for another one.
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    EFX PCR boba helmet

    It's a BAIT exclusive.
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    Question Email notification alerts stopped working

    We have been having issues with the speed at which emails go out (can take up to 6 hours) but they do show up eventually. We have not had a situation where the emails do not go out at all. Check to make sure that you have the email notification set for watched threads as there are two settings...
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    ANOVOS picks up the high-end Star Wars Costuming License!

    Yep... now time to get back on topic. Thanks.
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    CW Batwoman

    Some posts edited/removed. Please keep the political angle out ("left", "right", "political", "politics", etc.). Thanks.
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    Xenforo 2.1 Upgrade Questions/Issues

    Click the "Mark Read" link located at the upper right of the thread list.
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    Xenforo 2.1 Upgrade Questions/Issues

    Clicking on the thread title will take you to the most recent unread post directly.
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    Xenforo 2.1 Upgrade Questions/Issues

    Also, there are a number of things that have changed so please try and take a moment to look around at the screens/links before posting that something is missing/broken. :)
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    Problem with junkyard SOP

    From inside your thread put your cursor on "Thread Tools" located in the upper right, then select "Manage Sale" from the drop down list.
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    Question Where to post a FS thread for multiple items?!

    You can edit the thread title by putting your cursor on "Thread Tools" located in the upper right of the text box and then selecting "Edit Thread" from the drop down list that appears. Creating a thread for each item works best because then each item can be purchased directly/automatically when...
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    Almost Done, Quantum Leap Handlink from season 4

    Just a reminder that this is not a sales or interest thread so please keep the pricing/want-to-buy questions confined to the Classifieds Forums. Thanks.
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    Episode 9 lightsaber reveal???

    Since everyone wants to talk about everything other than a movie prop, we have moved the thread to the entertainment forum.