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  • Hello, do you still make raw alien costumes? (Latex) if so how much is it shipped?

    Also, do you make predator dreads?? If so how much...

    Thank you for your time

    Hello, Sent you a message a while back with interest in buying the half mask and dreds and bio from you again....back in 2012,and 13 I bought a lot of stuff from you and was hoping I still can get this from you. Please let me know if you still are on this site and if possible another way to contact you also. Thanks again Don
    I am very insterested in purchasing a predator half mask with dreads. I am wondering how much you would charge. My email is thank you
    Bought quite a lot from you several years back. I wanted to know do you still carry the open foam filled Predator mask and the bio to fit. I also need a full set of dreads. Please let me know. My email address is Thanks
    Hello monsterroom, I was lead here by Abi. I was wondering if you were still in the business of making Alien kits? If so could you please contact me at
    Hello, I was inquiring on an unpainted Alien Xenomorph kit. Can you please send me info to
    Thank you for your time
    Hi Im also looking for an Alien Costume, raw and unpainted. Could you email me back at with details etc Thanks.
    Hello!! I'm looking to buy the Alien costume kit, raw and unpainted. Do you have one for sale? Thanks...
    Hi, do you still have the Bug Head? I'd like to buy it if you do!
    Hello!! :) I'm looking for a Xeno kit. Do you have any?? If so how much would it cost?? I would have to see if I have to save up... By the way Abi T Xeno sent me to you :)
    Hello. Looking for an Alien suit or Head kit. Rex sent me this way.
    Hi, I looked at the forum post saying who made what, and it said that you make good predator halfmasks. Could you contact me and give me a price? Thanks. P.S. I live in New jersey but shipping dosn't really matter
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