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    Livecasting a head for a durable cosplay bust (make-ups and props)

    OK, I'll try to be more coherent here. Once the body double/life cast is made (aka mother mold or the negative), what can I use, aside of ultracal, to pour inside the cast for making the bust (aka the positive, which is what I'm gonna keep once it's out of the mold) ?
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    Quicksilver Age of Ultron - Dye Sub Shirt WIP

    Hi. Any news on this project (especially from thejakemoore) ? It's beem 3 years now. Thanks to let me know
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    Livecasting a head for a durable cosplay bust (make-ups and props)

    Hi. I'm about to try to do a live cast of my head for cosplay puroses (props making & make-ups/prosthetics). I have already found several videos on YT on how to do it safely (with some SmoothOn products an plaster bands) and with the proper instructions and help frome some friends. My only...
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    >> New Members: Please Introduce Yourselves Here! <<

    Hey everyone, I'm a new cosplayer from Montreal (Canada).I've found this forum out of the blue while looking for facebook cosplay groups. This forum looks nice, especially for cosplay (props & costume) informations. I'm curently looking to cosplay as Quicksilver (the Evan Peters version in...
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    X-Men Apocalypse - Quicksilver Research & Build Thread [SPOILERS]

    Hey people. New cosplayer here. I was wondering if anyone was able to find inexpensive glasses and wig (in Canada, preferably), and also, any suggestions on how I could change the colour from a black leather jacket (or mod it in anyway that looks a little more like the movie) ? I have one that...