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  1. Monkey67

    Movies you hate that everyone else likes

    Hey man, Fred Jones is the leader of Mystery Inc. No way he could be an accountant from Peoria. He told his father no way he is going to do that for a living.
  2. Monkey67

    Oil Paintings featuring props I've made

    Damn, you are a very talented artist. Do you sell your artwork or do prints?
  3. Monkey67

    Margot Robbie To Lead New PotC Film

    I hated the Johnny Depp character after the first movie. In fact I started to hate all of the main cast but Barbossa ( Geoffrey Rush) and the minor pirate guys. It was a very tiring old stick and same jokes in each movie. I think they could of done few other pirate captains and story beyond...
  4. Monkey67

    The Video Game Thread - anything and everything...

    The PS5 is scheduled for the holidays. Unless something happens it would be here by Xmas. Price tag is looking to be $400-500 range depending on which one you want. Stream / DL the games or old school disc games. I’ll be getting one is they have Demon’s Souls remaster as a release date game.
  5. Monkey67

    Joel Schumacher dead at 80

    Good game Joel. Thanks for the great movie memories.
  6. Monkey67

    Movies you hate that everyone else likes

    Which Batman would chew him up? I know a lot of Batman’s. This took place when old Batsy is a kid. The joker was tad older than bruce always it seemed. At the end of the film Arthur is finally ****** job, no crazy mother to take care of, found out Mr. Wayne was an asshat, took out the...
  7. Monkey67

    Screen-used Chernobly can from Hot Tub Time Machine

    Nice, love those movies too. I have an outfit from the second one. good luck on getting the rubber can. The can are a hot item.
  8. Monkey67

    Alethiometer by Noble collection

    Bump back up, thanks for looking. Any questions just pm me.
  9. Monkey67

    Anyone has any issues contacting Chronicle Collectibles?

    I don’t care for them anymore. They screwed me and friend over with the star gate items. We both bought the full size Anubis statues from them. We were told that the Horus statue was to come next. We keep emailing from time to time to see of when it was to slated. Always got a reply of “it’s...
  10. Monkey67

    Tom Spina Restorations

    no problem, super easy to deal with. Just remember they are a tad pricey. But they are the best around and worth it from everything I’ve seen and hear about.
  11. Monkey67

    Tom Spina Restorations

    I have been in touch with his studio to have two items restored. One having a possible display made for it as well. each time they asked for pictures and details as what I wanted done. After a few days I received a quote. I passed on having the one done. They ask for half up front and prices...
  12. Monkey67

    New Looney Tunes

    That’s just madness.
  13. Monkey67

    Alethiometer by Noble collection

    Bump, thanks for looking.
  14. Monkey67

    Alethiometer by Noble collection

    After holiday bump

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