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  1. mobius303

    R.I.P. Ricky Jay....the Magicians Magician

    He was a unique guy. I enjoyed his company a few times and loved watching his magical works. His loss is huge to the magic community. He was not feeling well on Thanksgiving and passed away the Saturday afterwards.
  2. mobius303

    Star Wars Resistance new animated series...

    I did not like it. I watched the first 3 episodes and well .....not at all a good story. It is a terrible let them do what they want type of story and the main character gets a pass on too many things he is doing with no lessons learned from it. it is a bad show.
  3. mobius303

    Mission: Impossible Ethan Hunt Costume Thread

    Re: 1996 Mission: Impossible Ethan Hunt “CIA Computer” Costume That is correct moviebuff5.
  4. mobius303

    AMT-ERTL Millennium Falcon build from Peru....

    They deleted your pictures for copyright violation? Wow I do not know if I should be mad for you or impressed that your model was great enough that they thought it was the real thing....They should be happy people are enjoying it. Hope you get it back up soon man. You did a great job on that...
  5. mobius303

    D.C.'s The Flash (tv series)

    I agree that this season has left me uncaring about the characters on this show. It is terribly written and way over acted by the villains. If it is on I will maybe watch it but I just no longer care about any of the characters.
  6. mobius303

    Death Wish - Bad timing?

    I saw and knew what it was going to be about. I enjoyed it for what it was, a vigilante movie. There were only 5 of us in the whole theater.
  7. mobius303

    Doctor Who opinions

    I thought it was a good nod to the old doctor and a good goodbye to Peter Capaldi.....
  8. mobius303

    Star Wars: Force Ghost.. why only Jedi?

    I think making Anakin a force ghost was a mistake. It trivialized the Force Ghost thing and it was further muddied up by the whole Darth Plaugis thing. The Emproer was trying to get Anakin to turn to the darkside by playing on his emotional attachment to Amadala. They should have done something...
  9. mobius303

    DST Tricorder build with metal parts

    Looks like a good start so far.
  10. mobius303

    AMT-ERTL Millennium Falcon build from Peru....

    WOW that looks great. I am enjoying this build. Very inspiring.
  11. mobius303

    Moebius TOS Galactica build

    Great looking build. I like what you did and am amazed it is fully scratch built. Amazing skills man....
  12. mobius303

    SNG studios Daily video

    Great work on the X-wing is always so much fun to see what you are doing at the studio.
  13. mobius303

    Doctor Who opinions

    I feel like going "what are they doing with this series this year." I liked the first two episodes but hated the rest of them so far. They have elements that I like but overall the stories suck for me. Bye bye Moffit....
  14. mobius303

    Doctor Who opinions

    That was 5's sonic as it had the white tape / Paint on it. I thought it was interesting but one thing bugged me and I am surprised none of you pointed it out. Didn't this creature thing remind you of the water creatures on Mars?

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