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  1. mlsmithjr

    R.I.P Jacqueline Pearce Blakes 7

    I just started watching Blake's 7 after hearing about it so much in the 80's. Since I'm in a TV "dry spell" with nothing to watch I decided to jump in. Man, was it ever so difficult to keep watching that first season as there was no budget to speak of. But having been a Who fan since Pertwee I...
  2. mlsmithjr

    Space 1999 reboot, maybe?

    Absolutely. I was saying the same thing to my wife right after I read that. Also the awkwardness of them running into aliens and planets so routinely in a universe so big. I know they gave it some lip service with the wormhole/space warp things flinging them around but it's pretty thin. UFO...
  3. mlsmithjr

    Space 1999 reboot, maybe?

    This cryptic but interesting nugget appeared on Brian Johnson's Facebook page: BJ here folks. Am awaiting a green light for an updated version of Space 1999 which will have Eagles and Hawks but some new craft as well. Will be made in the UK and where is TBD and I hope to have more news...
  4. mlsmithjr

    Han Solo Gun Belt

    I've been thinking of trying out leather working for a few months now, absorbing how-to videos along the way. This may be the kick in the pants I need to get started. Nicely done. But I think I'll have to find a prefab buckle - your kung-fu is stronger than mine.
  5. mlsmithjr

    Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension “Movie Poster” Costume

    Cool project, love seeing more Buckaroo fans.
  6. mlsmithjr

    STARGATE Origins

    Looks like another show aimed at the 20-something demo. That, and the continuity problem, make me completely uninterested.
  7. mlsmithjr

    My Eagle 1 Build

    Could you share your technique for weathering? Looks outstanding!
  8. mlsmithjr

    Highlander Duncan katana.

    What's the ballpark cost for a Connor replica? I have a Marto from many years ago but would love to have another, especially a stronger one.
  9. mlsmithjr

    'Jericho' Ravenwood patch run

    Stunned to see anyone even remembering this great show, let alone actual fans. Great patches. Put them up for sales, I would buy one (or two).
  10. mlsmithjr

    Done / Completed Han Solo Blaster Wall Mounted Acrylic Display Case for All Versions - Gone!

    Re: Han Solo Blaster Wall Mounted Acrylic Display Case for All Blaster Versions Interested in 2 here.
  11. mlsmithjr

    Wheeler Dealers - BBC

    I will definitely miss Edd. I'm one of those guys who was basically a car neophyte before WD. After about a season of watching Edd's simple and enthusiastic manner I decided I would get a project car. Four years later I still have that car, and it's running great (I just painted and installed...
  12. mlsmithjr

    Space 1999 Taybors big scale Gun

    Incredible detailing. Nice to see 1999 fandom is alive and well.
  13. mlsmithjr

    the biggest crappy series endings

    I'm that rare cat who didn't mind the Lost ending. Chuck disaappointed me. I really wanted it to have a happy ending with the hot babe. And Enterprise. Season 4 was going so well until that.
  14. mlsmithjr

    Logan's Run - The Animated Series - Concept Gun Design

    That's a good look, I see where you're going. Keep in mind functional guns don't have so many peaks and valleys and chunky edges that can snag on holsters and clothing. A little more streamlined would be awesome. But still a great visualization. Well done.
  15. mlsmithjr

    Evike does it again!!! E-11 air soft

    I got their Aliens pulse rifle yesterday because it was cheaper than a good repo. I'm happy with it. Good, hero-quality look. And functional if I encounter facehuggers.

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