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    Mystery Costumes! Can YOU Identify These?

    Holy Flashback! I posted this this six years ago and today I get an answer :) The power of the RPF :) Well played, Agrivar ... well played :)
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    Looking for Abacus Costumes and Props items

    Okay, so as this pertains to the question at hand, you don't have any relevant information regarding my inquiry. Thanks.
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    Looking for Abacus Costumes and Props items

    Hey cats, Back in 2011, the costume and prop warehouse I was working with, Abacus Costumes and Props, decided to shutter and we had a huge liquidation. I know this is a LONG shot, but did anybody here buy anything at that sale or know anyone who did? In going back through some old pics...
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    Beetlejuice-Handbook For The Recently Deceased

    Wow! Those are GREAT characters!! Well done!
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    Mystery Belt. What Am I?

    Perfect! Thanks for the brain power :)
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    Mystery Belt. What Am I?

    Aha! It appears to be indeed! Well done! One of the sites I found this on said that some of the armor in Serenity was recycled from Starship Troopers. Gotta check to see if the belts were used there, too. GREAT job!!!
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    The Lone Ranger (Post-release)

    You just had to know that with everything this production went through to make it to the screen, there HAD to be shenanigans like this afoot. Was there ANYTHING of Terry's script left? And VERY telling that when Executive Producer Depp was on one of the late night talk shows and mentioned...
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    Mystery Belt. What Am I?

    Hey cats, I came across this belt when digging through some boxes and I have NO idea what it's from! Do you know? :)
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    Kneel Before Steve!

    The jumpsuit was all custom made. I think we used a pirate shirt pattern for the top half to get the big sleeves, and we just attached some pants to the bottom half. I step through the opening in the front, which is cut to the waist. There's a velcro tab to close it up on the chest, and the belt...
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    What's This Ship?

    It's stamped both Fox Films and Universal, I assume because Fox did "Just Imagine" and Uni did the "Flash Gordon" serials. I'm really leaning towards fan made or limited edition. I've spoke to everybody from Bob Burns to the guy in charge of the Universal archive to Doug Drexler as well as a...
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    What's This Ship?

    Close, David :) In the Photobucket album I have listed above, I have a couple of frame grabs from "Just Imagine." It's certainly based on that original design that was later recycled for "Flash Gordon," but again, those window ports, that taper towards the bow extend over the hatch on the...
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    What's This Ship?

    Great pics, Clutch, and I see that the Thomas Models site has these listed as Buck Rogers, but the screen caps I have are from the Flash Gordon serials. The consignor said it was from "Flash," so I started looking there, but I check some "Buck" as well and didn't see anything like this...
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    What's This Ship?

    Hey cats, So this ship came across my desk, and at first glance, it looks like Zarkov's ship from the "Flash Gordon" serials, but upon closer examination, it doesn't match. I'm leaning towards a garage kit or limited edition, but I've run it by a few people, including Bob Burns, and nobody's...
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    Lightsabe Blade Attachment on Props

    Excellent :) Thanks. Any reference as to what the blades were made of or how they were connected?