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    Comics Infinity has presale/pic/text on DST TOS Tricorder

    :cool Preorder is 36.00! Comes w/ removable scanner! Preorder: Star Trek TOS Tricorder A Diamond Select Release! After the runaway success of Star Trek's classic-era Phaser and...
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    Are you really excited about MR's Trek prop's for 2008?

    Movie assault phaser and later TNG/DS9/Voyager tricorder. If I had to guess, the tricorder would be the most wanted simply for the bells/whistles.....visually more eye candy than the TOS version. Are these really "must have", I'm going to drop big $ for these? I can't see 1200 or more of each...
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    Blade Runner : extra features screen cap thread

    I got my 5 disc version on HD from Amazon. The extras are deep and long. I haven't yet watched any of the 4 versions of the film. I am glad I didn't get soaked for the suitcase collect. ed. I bought the standard HD dvd case offering of all the versions...for under 30.00. There is plenty of...
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    MR Collect. Society past newsletter

    Just @ the tail end of 2006, MR promised it's next expose would be on the designing and behind the scenes look at their building of the Star Trek Enterprise prop replica. I didn't re-up for 2007/2008 as a member, so I was out getting/reading this edition sent out to subscribers emails. Does...
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    Looking for TOS Transporter sound fx

    Hallmark's last years Transporter ornament has a full transport to/back sequence on it. You might try the LP/CD from Crescendo(ebay) for the dual-titled- pilot episodes Cage/WNMHGB.
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    Is MR still doing a Star Trek TNG Tricorder?

    MR will be showing it and the Assault(movies 5/6)Phaser as well at the San Diego Comic Con!
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    MR sells last of Enterprise prop replica stock @ a savings!

    I got an non-transferable offer last night, due to being a past customer. MR is offering us, the Lim. ED. version for only 999.00 and free shipping! Or the signed Ed(Shatner/Nimoy) for only 1099.00. I could swing it, but why? Where do I put yet another 3-4ft shipping carton in my tiny ass city...
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    MR Enterprise in da house!

    Nope, no pics yet. I'm used to having a webtv webpg in past, but dropped that service/internet mode for my pc. If anyone has a "simple" solution on how to take digital camera pics from my hardrive to this forum drop me an email @ My ship seems to be a A ship...lord have...
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    MR Enterprise in da house!

    Got mine today. # 281/1250. Great job. Engines work, noisey, but inside my custome case, it's mute. LED's all function, paint job stellar, with a VERY slightly less than perfect job around lower saucer dome perimeter, only noticable if ya stare right on top of it. I love mine, and see no issues...
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    MR TOS Enterprise - new pics

    Well, if the sig. ed.'s are only up to the 40's out of LE ..even being a first day orderer through MR's Collect. Soc......I don't see mine shipping any time in Jan. :( <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(Refit1701 @ Jan 25 2007, 09:58 AM) 1404739</div>
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    MR TOS Enterprise - new pics

    Wow, I think I've only known a very small handfull of people who actually rec'vd their Unobtainium ship..let alone a replacement. Mine of course was handed to me in person @ a Seattle Con. by one of the owners. When I took it out of the box, I notice a nacelle cowling glued on wrong...but I...
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    MR Enterprise orders processing

    My LE Enterprise will ship on the 18th. 2 day DHL. I have a custom oak & plexiglass case that the builder emailed me should go out to me on Monday. So, god willing I will have both by next Sat/Mon.. MR claims each lot ships every 2 weeks, and since my order status is "processing", that means...
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    Master Replicas has a new website up

    I miss the old site w/ stock left bar indicator. Why no animated pics of the lighting or nacelle's in motion? This company is racking in the $..surely a student could get paid to perk up their site.
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    MR started shipping Enterprise Jan 4th!

    I got my pre-notification a couple days ago. The email stated my starship will ship the week of the 18th..... Yiiippppiiiieeeeeee. I feel a sick day coming one..cough..cough....anyone get their's yet? How was the exact day tracking info. w/ DHL, MR's new shipper?
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    John Long sells TOS hand phaser on!

    If you go to: Avail. 8/14/06. Price: $199.99. For box art and small photo, go to site. Based on the only know screen used(for closeups) "hero" prop. Hand laminated fiberglass body and internal mechanisms. The kit gives period materials and...

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