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    Limited Run Darth Maul TPM screen accurate lightsaber prop

    Looks great. Really want one but have to pass.
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    Blast-Tech industries

    I've had several purchases from John. Although none have been recent, I've never had a problem before and wouldn't hesitate to order from him again when the need arises. M
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    Parks Order... USK's, Kobolds. New Info 1-11-07

    Glad to to see this weight finally coming off Dave's back. Good to see you helping him Bill. M
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    Luke ROTJ CUTAWAY (*Added more pics*)

    Wow. Thats a pretty awesome cutaway of my favorite saber. Nice job so far. Can't wait to see the final pictures.
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    Blade Runner Prop Ringtone?

    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE( @ Jan 25 2007, 01:06 PM) 1404566</div> Just tried that site. When I received my message to download frome my phone I received a 403 error "Access Denied". Too bad. I emailed their help staff. We'll see. Is there another way to get this into my...
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    DP Deluxe Vader helmet VS Vader figure 12 back

    Go with the helmet. If you want to play with the figure you destroy its value by opening it. If you want to scare someone in the middle of the night, then the Vader helmet can supply that joy and it doesnt get destroyed. M