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    Glow Rod/police baton from Demolition Man

    sure these are available, but a friend does circus acts and he as a glo baton full length which is good, will ask him where he gets them from when I next see him! though if any one can post a movie still of the original it would help..
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    BTTF 2 Police Nightstick?

    also interested in one of these if usable and in tough material :)
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    Anyone have the NECA Baton from Clash of the Titans?

    can you post a link of the baton, my mobile will not pick it up online right now.... though I have a few NECA items I find most to be very bland and dull :( and not worth the money they ask for them....
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    Unlimited Run Deluxe Tron Disc Retrofit Kits

    No more mention of a tri colour led variation with optional colour led on the inner ring and outer. I am amazed that Spin Masters have not released this as yet, you would have thought it would have been their ultimate Deluxe Disc!
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    New Hot Toys Releases

    Ironman 2 is clearly the best figure by far, though batman was also good... the Tron Light Cycle new release is a big NO from me since you can not remove the figure from the light cycle. :(
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    Tron Legacy-Baton and Deluxe Disc

    blackfeather... hi... i am one of the guys off youtube you chatted to a few times about modding the deluxe disc... thinking of getting a baton and seeing if that can be modded?
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    Pete Postlethwaite dies

    a lovely actor and will be sadly missed by all people who appreciate good film's...... at his best in Brassed Off.....
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    actual TRON light cycles $35k

    a road legal light cycle can now be seen on you tube, made by an american chopper company.... looks ok, but drives like crap.... lol....
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    Tron Legacy Deluxe Identity Disc mods?

    I have two of the deluxe discs now :P Well pleased with them and each is mounted by the tv along with my wii Tron light cycle stand...... Sam and KJevin Discs are well cool... Just a shame they are not going to do a 3rd run version with tri colour leds so you can choose what colour you want...
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    I do not mind the link being removed, though kind of strange you remove it when it is the same link as the one on page one... though I do have the legolas bow again... lol... unsure why listed as possible virus as other links to the same site on page one are still shown also.... the mirkwood...
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    Glowing Sting FX Collectible Lord of the Rings Sword

    had one of these and the local orc broke it so now after another :P
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    6 LOTR Costumes in one month: Low Budget

    cant wait to see your next if only you did supewr heros tooo lol..
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    Where can someone get accurate rings from LOTR?

    tbh I prefer the Jen Hansen Nenya ring.... however last time I saw Jasmine Watson she was selling rings On QVCUK.... I am looking for the Nenya ring and ring of Barahir but I have never seen one of real quality and the serpents heads are always very roughly done :( I am looking for a authentic...
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    LOTR Nenya Ring

    Isn't this on the Jenson web site, though it does not show you many different shots :(
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    HCG Limited Lothlorien Bow!!! in hand!! pics!!

    personally I have gone off the bow, and my pride of place is taken up by the legolas daggers along with scabbards, though I did have the arwen sword on my mantlepiece until I removed the fireplace so now I need a new place for it to stand :(

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