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    Bandai release schedule

    Has there been any mention of a possible 1/6th scale Sand trooper? There already half way there anyway with the 1/6th scale Storm trooper.
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    Router Bit Question

    Some of those look more like End mills used in CNC machining. This page might help some
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    Possible legal ramifications for selling a model based on existing toy?

    McFarlane toys more than likely had a limited Licence to make the toy. But they may still have the right to "that" design of the figure if they made the original. The owner of the original Intellectual property. Movie/Comic/game etc, probably still have the rights. If it's anything Star wars...
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    Tamiya color for Aircraft question

    Use Tamiya Thinner, X20a I think, with it. I know it says acrylic and water should work. But it just works better with their own thinner.
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    The right 3D software, need advice

    I Use modo a lot but I'm not too thrilled about them going a subscription model for payments. You may also take a look at Moment of Inspiration. Another alternative is Rocket 3F I guess it really depends on if your doing space ships parts or figures. If...
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    Scratch Build SD

    That's cool! How many Miles of fiber optic cable do you think you will need? Seriously who ever you order it from should give you a bulk discount. I don't feel bad about having to drill hundreds of holes in my Zeveda SD now.
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    Large Corrugated Styrene Sheets?

    You can make your own. Law down wooden rods parallel that are the width that you need the groves to be. Create another set of rods, same width that will go on top between the bottom rods. if you want to get fancy you can make a frame to hold it all together. Basically a sandwich. The bottom rods...
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    I have a question

    When scratch building use anything that works. Clay, wood, 3d printed parts, old vacuum cleaner parts etc. You can get rid of layers lines by using a .1 or .05 layer height. Also you can cover it with a two part liquid epoxy. If it's a fairly flat piece you may even be able to just glue a piece...
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    New to model making, any suggestions or tips on making things from scratch

    Start simple. Don't try to start out by trying to tackle an entire model from scratch at the beginning. Start with doing simple conversions to an existing model. Or maybe some additional set pieces to a diorama. Try to look at some parts of a model and think about how you would go about scratch...
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    Paints for Bandai kits ?

    The enamel paints are not the problem. It's the Thinner that causes it to go all weird. As a general rule I would stay way from strong mineral spirits or turpentine. I think you should be OK as long as you put a good lacquer coat on before you start weathering. You can always stay on the safe...
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    Key Of Bastille

    This is just a rough ball park idea. Sculpt it in Aves Epoxy putty, Or magic sculpt. Or a sculpting clay like Chvants NSP. You can then make a wax copy of that and do a lost wax casting. I don't know the exact process but you can read up on it. You might be better off finding a small local...
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    3D Printing models and parts...

    I have a CR10s and I was using Simplify 3d to slice the model. You can download Cura for the Ultimaker printers for free and see how it slices the same model. Using a slicer for a SLA printer may give different results because It only needs to produce a black and white cross section of the model.
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    The Moisture Vaporator Project

    Great job. I think it would neat to just a build a life size one and stick on the side of a desert highway as an art project. I wonder how many people would see it an know what it was?
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    3D Printing models and parts...

    Oh yeah I've known that for a while. I just thought it would be helpful to actually show what the problem with internet models are. It would be nice to have a site with vetted models. Even the ones on thing verse are fairly iffy.
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    3D Printing models and parts...

    sorry I changed the display settings in Simplify 3d trying to get it to show up better. They landing gear should be pretty easy. You can probably just scratch build that. The canopy may be harder to get to fit to a different model. It would be a good model to start learning on since it's pretty...