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  1. madmikeee

    Help needed identifying Ray Gun!

    I agree that is an old timing light. Looks like one of the originals for setting points as it looks metal.
  2. madmikeee

    Baby Yoda

    That is gorgeous! The only thing I see missing is the little wisp of fuzz/hair on the little guys head. OH and a chrome ball :)
  3. madmikeee


    Self etching primer/paint is a misnomer. Yes these products do contain chemicals that help them adhere to different surfaces but it is not a substitution for a properly "keyed" surface. For ANY plastic or metal you need to sand it well and evenly. Even using a scotch brite pad works very well...
  4. madmikeee

    Cigarette Packs

    Dammit, I just quit I want one......grrrr Nice looking collection though!
  5. madmikeee

    Worst casting decisions ever made in movies

    Christian Bale as Batman....seriously horrible. Jesse Eisenberg as....anything, he's just awful in every way. Jared Leto....same as Eisenberg, just awful Kristen Stewart...No need to say in what or why
  6. madmikeee

    Doctor Who opinions

    I have to say that compared to Doctor Clara for 3 years (It PAINS me to watch most of those episodes) this new show runner has done excellent. I think Jodie is good in the role but the episodes could use some work. They are pretty dark and relying too much on politics through the ages. Also need...
  7. madmikeee

    The Happytime Murders (Post-release)

    Melissa McCarthy is good in small doses but her form of comedy/acting is more miss than hit. I was looking forward to this before I found out she was starring in it. All I could think of was the "Smile Time" episode of Angel LMAO and then I saw the previews for this and was nothing but disappointed
  8. madmikeee

    My Wall-E Build Log

    Build this one next
  9. madmikeee

    Things you're tired of seeing in movies

    Did some drinking with Miljenko back in the mid 90's. His guitarist broke his hand like 2 hours before showtime so they did a number of songs using nothing but bass, drums and piano. Very personable guy, EPIC live voice...We had a bunch of laughs.
  10. madmikeee

    Def Leppard Bringin' On the Heartbreak - anywhere that has full version?

    Pfft come talk to me when you had the original vinyl of On through the night. I liked Def Leppard before they were cool ;)
  11. madmikeee

    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (Pre-release)

    I am just referring to the movies...I agree with all the other items they spawned. Excellent. If Lucas could have made the movies as well as the animated series was made the prequels would have been the movies that set the bar for all other sci fi.
  12. madmikeee

    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (Pre-release)

    THat's what they said about George Lucas and the prequels....and we all know how that worked out......
  13. madmikeee

    Dinosaur Replicas - dinosaur bone models + Dimorphodon

    What? No life sized???? sheez
  14. madmikeee

    The Walking Dead Season 8

    I find that AMC's quality is absolute garbage. I have watched 1 episode on blu ray and compared it to the one on AMC and the difference is astounding. It's like they compressed the episode so much all I get is motion blur and crap resolution. With this being one of the most money making shows on...
  15. madmikeee

    can someone help identify this figure?

    friend of mine got it from a friend and is curious about it. thanks in advance!!!

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