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    Who is the owner of this BLADE RUNNER POLICE SPINNER photo?

    The side of the vehicle says "Built by Barris Winfield." I would recommend contacting the custom car shops of George Barris and Gene Winfield who built the car... Barris Kustom Industries: 818-984-1314 Winfield's Custom Shop...
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    Most iconic car in history

    Well, if you're talking about an iconic vehicle that is most instantly recognized by the broadest population, then I offer...
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    Star Trek TOS Enterprise Lamp.. (Steampunk?) Done

    I know. Like 100-watts worth. :lol: Thanks for all the good vibes everyone.
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    Star Trek TOS Enterprise Lamp.. (Steampunk?) Done

    The last bits added and final assembly. ...And lit. Just before completion I found 8-inch bulbs on sale for half price. I had previously presumed 6-inchers were the best I could do. I used CFL bulbs in the disk to try to keep temps down. With the ceiling lamp upside down, it doesn't vent heat...
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    Star Trek TOS Enterprise Lamp.. (Steampunk?) Done

    Mounted to a brass floor stand I also found on the curb during clean up week. Starting to look like something familiar.
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    Star Trek TOS Enterprise Lamp.. (Steampunk?) Done

    This will be the underside of the hull. The top hole is where I removed one of the chandelier arms. It will be filled with a brass button office clasp. The bottom hole I drilled out for wiring and mounting to the stand. This is the top of the hull. I drilled a hole for mounting the disk/neck...
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    Star Trek TOS Enterprise Lamp.. (Steampunk?) Done

    This will be the disk. It's a flush mounted ceiling light, so the back is not meant to be exposed. Since it will be exposed on my lamp I need to fill the scrubby part and hide the wiring at the same time. Since the bottom of the disk will have to join the neck, it needs to be metal. Say...
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    Star Trek TOS Enterprise Lamp.. (Steampunk?) Done

    The little metal Catspaw episode Enterprise has intrigued me since I was a kid. As an adult, my intrigue has been inspired by some steampunk examples from the web and I knew I had to do something like these excellent examples. I keep gravitating toward lamps because they are more...
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    Completed life size Maximilian from The Black Hole

    Love the precision of your foam cutting. First rate.
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    Alien Tracker.

    I think I caught some of your build thread a while back. You should post a link because this really turned out great.
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    Travelers font

    This is pretty cool. I have no idea where I'd ever use it, but I admire your efforts.
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    Dr Grordbort's Manmelter 3600ZX replica

    Okay, I'm impressed enough that I've done a search of metal painting tutorials. Is there one particular video you found helpful? Link?
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    T-16 Skyhopper in 1:144 Scale

    Well, now it's a machine for me to covet. I misunderstood the Cricut reference in post 1.
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    T-16 Skyhopper in 1:144 Scale

    Boy those are some clean and precise cuts, and not just the panel scribing. In small scale too. I'm impressed.
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    Steampunk Terra Base Ray Gun Lamp

    Appreciate the feedback guys. Phase 3 of this project is the tower this ray gun will sit atop. The first level will support the power box shown above. I made this using 1-1/4 inch L-bend brackets. This stupid 3-foot high stool used almost 18-feet of bracket... I didn't have access to a good...