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    Metal Boba Fett Helmet Build!

    May the Gods shine down on this magnificent build. So Cool! Extremely clean for metal working.
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    Jurassic World

    I'm sure they'll touch on it in the film, my guess is that one very unlucky marine dinosaur washed up on shore and the mosquitos got the blood from there. Is this scientifically plausible? Maybe not, but it's just what I think may be a way for them to explain it in the film.
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    TDNR Noble Collection Bane Mask replica help

    Sorry, just realized i posted this in the wrong thread search so please none of those, "You know there's a DC catagory," posts.:D
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    TDNR Noble Collection Bane Mask replica help

    Anyone out their have any pictures? Reviews? Anything? I haven't found much and would just like anyone's opinions on them before I empty my wallet on one. Just to let everyone know, i'm not looking for a wearable one, I just want one that's as screen accurate as possible, and so far the noble...
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    "There are no strings on me." Ultron Mark I

    I think I love you...
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    Kid Iron Man suit

    That is so cool. If only i was 10 years younger and 20 years wiser. Amazing work, especially since it was essentially freehand!:thumbsup
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    Metal Movie Cap Shield on a budget **DONE!! FINAL PICS ON PAGE 4

    i...i...uh....:cheerscheers, just cheers. Amazing work.
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    TDK cowl help

    Coofunkcurly. Plain and simple. Great communication, incredible cowls. They look exactly like the one's on screen. I own two. Simply the best. Monsters in motion molded theirs off of the noble collection i believe. Please correct me if i'm wrong on that. But back to your question, contact...
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    STAR WARS LIFESIZED - gallery of my personal & licensed SW work!

    Re: STAR WARS LIFE-SIZE COLLECTION - gallery of my personal & licensed SW work! Amazing work man. Great Collection.
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    Ep 7 R2D2 to be Fan Built by R2 Builder Club Members!

    Very, very cool. Nice idea to get the fan base involved in the new film.
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    Celebrity jerks?

    Not a jerk story, but thought I'd share it. I live in Ojai, California, a place many celebrities go to get away from the stress of Los Angeles. I was looking through a section of flip flops in a surplus store and a man behind me taps my shoulder to ask where to find air soft guns. I turned...
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    What's on your workbench?

    Re: What's on your workbench? Currently I'm working on an Iron Patriot Helmet. First time I have ever done a helmet or pepakura. Liking how its turning out but have much room to improve.
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    Aliens Chestburster WIP

    Looks Great!
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    My new Studio Scale T-Rex Bust

    Turned out Great!:thumbsup:thumbsup:thumbsup:eek
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    Jurassic Park raincoats?

    Wish I had one of those.