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    Deadpool almost finished

    yes with 10 magnets and each carry 4kilo
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    Deadpool almost finished

    hi all, i bought my suit on etsy @Costume Replica Cave i bought my mask on etsy @ illustraStudios i made the sword myself as you can see in the pictures. i found the a beltbuckle and the pouches and the legknife holster. All i need is a leg knife that fits the holster. and a way to make my...
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    Deadpool armor help

    here you go everything you need might be here
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    Deadpool Costume Build (movie version)

    hi i am also starting a deadpool project thx for all the info. but i am gonna do it is a 2 year plan:p i am gonna start with wade wilson look like in the deadpool movie. i have found all the clothes allready except the RENT t-shirt but i am gonna make it myself. And i bought the mask allready...
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    Rundown's pep hub (free deadpool faceshell)

    thx rundown it is david here
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    >> New Members: Please Introduce Yourselves Here! <<

    Hi to all!!! My name is david. i am from belgium so sorry if i don't use the wright terms of english. i started since this past weekend to think about doing cosplay but for cosplay you need quality props and that is what i hope to find here or people that can help me. and my cosplay project is...