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  1. Lord Abaddon

    So who owns the “Battle of the 80s Cars?”

    No, not the originals but the ones used in the TV special. They of course were acting like all three were original units but I can't see them using them as they were, actually racing them, so assume they are replicas and since so many guys here have made them thought someone might fess up! :p
  2. Lord Abaddon

    So who owns the “Battle of the 80s Cars?”

    Watching Kitt, the A-Team van, and a CHiPs cycle with the Hoff, Benedict, and Estrada. Showing some cool real vehicles too. But wondering where the iconic vehicles actually came from.
  3. Lord Abaddon

    Profiles in History auctioning ANH Obi Wan lightsaber

    Dammit I knew it. When I saw the pics at the Original Prop Blog the first thing that hit me was “Hey, thats Hez’s piece!”
  4. Lord Abaddon

    My Thunderbirds Puppet Replicas.

    OMG! Those are incredible!
  5. Lord Abaddon

    1/1000 Enterprise refit --DONE--

    Re: 1/1000 Enterprise refit Very nice! Excellent job on the decals (so many!!)!
  6. Lord Abaddon

    1/2 studio scale Offworld Blimp - DONE!!

    My Gawd! That is unbelievable!
  7. Lord Abaddon

    Giving Enterprise a second chance

    I HATED Voyager when I first saw it, didn't even make it past the first season. But when we decided to rematch Trek from start to finish we gave it a chance and ended up really enjoying it. It had a lot of excellent episodes and did harken back to TOS with how they explored not just the actions...
  8. Lord Abaddon

    Battleship on the Superbowl

    They already made that movie, long time ago, called "Sink the Bismark." ;)
  9. Lord Abaddon

    Battleship on the Superbowl

    Not sure what to make of it, looks like a mix of Transformers and Under Siege. But having a great love for the big battlewagons I hope it shows them well.
  10. Lord Abaddon

    Star Trek TOS - Spock's Vulcan Harp / Lyre - Build, and finished.

    Beautiful harp! One of the nicest I've seen in some long time!
  11. Lord Abaddon

    Customer build 1/350 NX-01

    Steve I just saw this thread and looked over your website. I'm speechless. You have some of the most impressive models and amazing subs I have ever seen! That seaworthy Nautilus is incredible, and the various starships ... just outstanding! When the time comes to finally get a lit Star...
  12. Lord Abaddon

    DR WHO monsters

    Re: British RPF most scary DR WHO monster? The Weeping Angels scare me as an adult! I can't go near a church now without going "Don't blink!" But when I was younger it was the Time Lord criminal Morbius, the Frankenstein of Dr. Who, that scared me. Both for what he was and the being he was.
  13. Lord Abaddon

    Randy Cooper Star Destroyer with lights. FINISHED

    That is an outstanding build! Probably one of the best I've seen for lighting, I'm insanely jealous!! And congratulations on your forthcoming live replica-of-mommy-and-daddy prop! :lol
  14. Lord Abaddon

    Enik from LAND OF THE LOST! Restoration and Custom Mannequin Display

    That is outstanding! One of my favorite sci-fi characters when I was a kid!
  15. Lord Abaddon

    Indy 4

    Re: Am I the only one who liked Indy 4 ? I liked it just fine, and thought it fit will with the series of films. As for any over the top parts, all the movies have over the top parts! An ark leveling an island but leaving two people fine in the midst of a fire maelstrom. A guy still lives...

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