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    Done Ismahawk red power ranger STL

    I am looking for the Red Ranger helmet STL files for the costumes from the Power rangers vs Voltron video. I lost my copy in a hard drive failure and they are no longer available on myminifactory. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Iron man motorised faceplate electronics tutorial!!!

    When something like that happened with my set up I think the problem was that the Servos were drawing to much power for the external batteries that I had, and that made the board reset. I think. anyway when I switched to smaller servos it worked. Maybe that is the issue that you are having?
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    Iron man motorised faceplate electronics tutorial!!!

    I got my Helmet DONE AND FUNCTIONAL ON BATTERY POWER!!! Going to mount the bits in the suit (The brains and batteries will have to be in the right arm) and shorten some of the wires so there isn't any extra length of wire. I am not sure if it is completely electrically sound but it seems to work...
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    Iron Man MkIII suit animatronics

    Are you going to do chase lights around the hip pod so it will look like flares are shooting off one by one around the pod?
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    Blackout's Mark 42 HD Pepakura Files >view my helmet model interactively online!<

    Re: Blackout's IM Mark 42 Pepakura files <Version 2 Accurate HD Helmet Inbound> pdf please!!!! that would be amazing!
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    Iron Man MkIII suit animatronics

    I am new to the forum and I am contemplating starting a build in the near future. this thread is amazing. Cant wait for the completed tutorial/ part list etc.