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  1. Less than Super Ostrich

    City-by-City -- Hobby Shops

    You need to add Al's Hobby Shop for Chicago. It's the biggest and the best in Chicagoland area Al's Hobby Shop
  2. Less than Super Ostrich

    Scratchbuilt Lambda Shuttle

    Re: SS Lambda Shuttle Great stuff. Keep up the good work!
  3. Less than Super Ostrich

    1/24 scale A Wing build up

    Great stuff as always, REL. Just curious... how did you tint your canopy? Tamiya Smoke? EDIT: Nevermind... saw in another pic that it is clear... just the dark interior in the initial pic.
  4. Less than Super Ostrich

    building the Neisen" hero " TIE FIGHTER

    Forgive my ignorance... what is/are the major difference(s) from Episode 4 and 5? I thought the tie stayed pretty much the same throughout.
  5. Less than Super Ostrich

    Panavise 883 for SS

    Someone posted awhile ago that there was a bolt/peg that fit in to the threaded end of the Panavise. This was sold by a camera shop... I can't remember the specifics.
  6. Less than Super Ostrich

    Macross Fans Rejoice! SDF-1 2 Feet Long

    I did a SDF-1 awhile back. One of my first resin kits. Oh wait... I'm not allowed to respond to this thread... or I might get banned like I was at Macrossworld for teasing the thin-skinned toy collectors. ;). They can't take a joke over there.
  7. Less than Super Ostrich

    LTSO's Y-wing

    Good point... I put the "copper" piping on afterwards. Frankly, the whole ship could be dirtied up more. Here was another inspiration for my painting/weathering... moffeaten's beauty!
  8. Less than Super Ostrich

    LTSO's Y-wing

    My MR repaint:confused... only took about a year and a half to complete. Not that it was all that hard... I blame it on the XBOX 360 and 4 kids. After I took some pics, I realized it still needs a fair bit of detailing to get rid of some of the problem areas. These are Jade Dark Hearts tiles...
  9. Less than Super Ostrich

    What models haven't been replicated yet?

    You beat me to it! I want the Event Horizon as well! I also kinda like the USS Ishamura from Dead Space. Great game if any of you have played it.
  10. Less than Super Ostrich

    My MR Y-Wing

    Sorry for the bump... I'm finally making good progress on my Y-wing. I've been searching for the best paint job of a Y-wing. I'm not saying this one is necessarily the most studio accurate, but I think you did a PHENOMENAL job of painting/weathering in the spirit of what the vehicle is supposed...
  11. Less than Super Ostrich

    A Fling with a B-Wing! Finished at last

    Re: A Fling with a B-Wing! Guy, Great stuff. Any chance you can tell us the steps you went through to make the blast mark? Almost just looks like an airbrush spiderweb (I do those all the time... just not usually on purpose!).
  12. Less than Super Ostrich

    3' Sulaco Build up

    Just saw this one. Great great job, dude.
  13. Less than Super Ostrich

    1/72nd scale Republic Y Wing (Clone Wars)

    Such crisp detail for 1/72nd scale! Great stuff (as always), REL.
  14. Less than Super Ostrich

    Pics Intensive Alert: Build & Finish Pics of Nice-N Hero TIE

    Never saw this... Great job. Inspiriation for the "cored" version. Great job.
  15. Less than Super Ostrich

    1/2 SS Sandcrawler (R/C)

    Great stuff, Tox. It's amazing that you can be so efficient with building. It would take me a year to get where you got in 3 days. Perhaps it would only take me 6 months without 4 young kids!

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