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    New Justice League Amazonian Spartan Armor?

    Hey everyone, Anybody have access to any of the New Justice League Amazonian Spartan Armor reference images? These were the costumes worn by the amazonians when they were guarding one of the boxes in the cave. Fell in love with these and would love to build one for my daughter. What an awesome...
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    Is PVC foam good for armor

    Thanks for the link. I was looking at this, but it seems that it is ridiculously expensive. Perhaps its because nobody else has it in stock. Joann's has the same roll for $6.74. That are out of stock now, so I will wait till they get it in and buy it from them. Right now I can pick up the same...
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    Is PVC foam good for armor

    The mats I was looking at say PVC. They are soft like the EVA foam, that is why I was wondering if they were alike.
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    Is PVC foam good for armor

    Has anyone here had any success making armor with PVC foam mats? I was just at Home Depot and ran into these mats for $13. They seem to be pretty cheap. I haven't worked with this stuff, but it seems yo be similar to EVA.