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    How to make a Grim Reaper Costume!

    Here is the very first part of cutting the grim reaper robe! Man it was fun to start building the costume right after i got home. First thing i did is start cutting everything out, and made one good clean one...
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    How to: Make a Foam mannequin torso and lower body

    Hello Everyone! Lawshauefx here Today i am showing how to make a foam mannequin torso! I will start right now the process.
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    >> New Members: Please Introduce Yourselves Here! <<

    What is up everyone! Its LawshaueFx here! I like to introduce my self to you all. I am a Nice, happy, outgoing guy. I like to help others with questions they have and i like to build armor. I make up my own armor either that combine them into one category. Like Lord of the rings armor to Star...
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    Nazgul armor lord of the rings

    Hello everyone! Lawshauefx here. I am going to build Nazgul armor from the lord of the rings. It's going to be for Halloween and for next year comic con. This is what it looks like. I will get started making the templates tonight, there will be updates either late tonight or tomorrow afternoon...
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    Deathstoke Remade (My first post!)

    This is my drawing i made for my remake of Deathstoke. I am also building it right now. i hope it turns out well. I am making up all of the templates. Cya soon guys! :) Back
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    Arkham Origins Deathstroke

    Very cool, i hope you have it all done! :)