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  1. Labrynth

    Logo removal from spandex/lycra?

    Finger nail polish remover. Just did this on a wet suit skin.
  2. Labrynth

    MOTU She-ra costume

    Sweet! I always wanted to do a She Ra group :)
  3. Labrynth

    Pattern makers?

    LOL I will give it a shot one of these days I know, but since, right now, my time is limited I'm trying to plan accordingly. I will probably actually order one of the body suit patterns they have so I have something to play with. I'm fairly good at adapting patterns to do what I need I just...
  4. Labrynth

    Pattern makers?

    Darth Mule: I hadn't thought of using a t shirt like that. Excellent idea, thanks!! It's a great idea for other projects as well actually. I like this. Teresa: ooooh I've never heard of them, thanks for that. I'm a little leery of sewing spandex as my forays into super stretchy things...
  5. Labrynth

    Pattern makers?

    Yeah Columbia has something sort of similar. Were I home I'd do this myself. The front and back are basically 3 vertical pieces and a horizontal piece. The arms themselves aren't that complicated. I'm currently deployed in Afghanistan and just can't work on this and I don't want to spend my...
  6. Labrynth

    Pattern makers?

    I need a pattern for Jill's top DarkLabrynth on deviantART
  7. Labrynth

    Pattern makers?

    I'm looking for someone to make a pattern for me as I'e never drafted one myself. I usually kind of frankenstein things together to make them work but since I am deployed right now I don't think I'm going to have the time to play with this project. Can anyone recommend a pattern maker?
  8. Labrynth

    Sewing Basics - Tools

    Great thread. I will be watching it:)
  9. Labrynth

    Resident evil 5 first costume peek

    Love Milla but that outfit looks way uncomfortable!!
  10. Labrynth

    Hannibal king costume. Need help!

    Mmmm Ryan Reynolds....
  11. Labrynth

    Replica Catwoman Costume

    I believe God Save The Queen fashions has done it. Google it and it should pop up.
  12. Labrynth

    War Machine Foam Build FINAL- YOUTUBE VIDS UP

    Re: War Machine Foam Build 11/17 update Black Widow "Accessory" What did you end up using for the catsuit? And what is she using for the wristlets? I attempted a BW a few years ago but was never happy with how it turned out. tryign to decide if I will attempt another one.
  13. Labrynth

    Cobra Commander Resolute (WIP images)

    AWESOME Cobra Commander

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