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    The Winter Soldier - Falcon (Possible Build)

    Well, since we're bumping... So much has happened since this thread was first made and yet I still haven't figured out a practical way to do these. Has anyone else had any luck?
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    Want to Buy 3D Print to Foam File conversion and Unfold

    Hello all! I have a customer that wants a costume out of my laser-cut foam but the files he's providing for the build are available in 3D-printing format only, as it's a pretty specialised variant of the suit he wants. I have permission from the file creators to do the conversion, but I don't...
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    3D Printing Iron Man MK46 Suit

    Awesome, I'll look it up. I'm looking to do some 3D printing projects now that I've got access to one at school. Thanks!
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    3D Printing Iron Man MK46 Suit

    Can you expand on this a bit? Does this mean you melt down the plastic and use it to stick parts together? How do you do it, if that's the case?
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    Post your batman suits

    As much as I hated the Knightmare sequence, this looks absolutely fantastic! You've got the right height for it too​, good on ya :)
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    Double Spider-Man Homecoming suit build - Homemade suit & Stark suit

    Re: Double Spider-Man Homecoming suit build - onesie (pre-Stark) & underoos (post Sta Go make some blurry Youtube videos where it looks like you're stopping a bus!
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    free!free spider man patterns !!

    Can you elaborate on what you mean by the Raimi version of All-New All-Different Spider-Man? Is it a mix of the two?
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    My Hulk buster suit

    Looks awesome! Will you keep working on it after the con?
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    The Iron-Bat

    Looks awesome right now, just keep sanding that helmet down. Any ideas on what you'll customise for the rest of the armour?
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    (PIC HEAVY) Matt's Spider-Man: Homecoming Suit build! (Homemade + Stark tech)

    Re: Matt's Spider-Man: Homecoming Suit build! This looks like it'll take a monumental amount of work to get the detail down for the whole suit. Kudos to you for taking it on!
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    3D printed Robocop suit 1987 build- COMPLETE

    Re: 3D printed Robocop suit 1987 build Oh wow. I just went to look it up and didn't expect it to be so cheap for the quality. I'm looking into doing some 3D printed projects after I've amassed enough commission cash and it's encouraging to see that one doesn't need to splurge on $44/kg...
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    Mass effect armour suit

    Looks awesome! Is that a fiberglass helmet?
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    JL Superhero Leather High Tops by UD Replicas

    I'm echoing the crowd with my love for the Flash pair... Do you know if you guys will be at NYCC later in the year?
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    3D printed Robocop suit 1987 build- COMPLETE

    Re: 3D printed Robocop suit 1987 build This project looks incredible! Basic question, but your pics have the printed parts looking really smooth right off the bat. Is that a product of the PLA you're using, the printer, or have you sanded them by the time you're taking photos?
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    Spiderman (Reboot) Civil War and future Costumes and Wardrobe ~possible spoilers~

    So...we've got the engineers among us working on the telescoping lenses...Who's gonna be responsible for that Spidey-symbol drone?