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    Mad Max Interceptor scratch build Query...

    The Aoshima kit is still the best one out there. here's one i back-dated to the first movie version: Mad Max Black on Black by aus_mus, on Flickr Mad Max Black on Black by aus_mus, on Flickr
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    Aoshima Fireflash

    very cool. also very nicely photoed
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    Star Trek inspired Anti-Matter Reactor Project

    i'm doing my own warp core lamp. it's 18" tall. here it is running
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    Volvo FH16 - Sci-Fi Retrofit kitbash/scratch build. (First bld) (pic hvy, upd 27-10)

    Re: Volvo FH16 - Sci-Fi Retrofit kitbash/scratch build. (First bld) (pic hvy, upd 27- Brilliant. Space Truckers... someone should do a movie about that....
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    Eaglemoss Delorean 2 questions please (Thank you!)

    I didn't think you needed to paint any of the Delorean chassis. If you need colors, just compare it to a real delorean chassis. a google image search should get you some good details. i'd like to get that eaglemoss delorean myself. Edit: seen one on twitter (delorean HQ) 15JUN17. looks like...
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    Possible legal ramifications for selling a model based on existing toy?

    From what little i know of copyright and trade laws, if you're making your toy based on your own masters, the copyright holder of the original IP would have to take issue, not McFarlane (unless mcfarlane still have a license and don't want you competing with them). Big companies usually ignore...
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    How can I fixed a scratched display base?

    glass polishing kit
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    Using electronic packaging

    I'm sure if you asked for the specific part of the packaging, the guys here will donate what they can. I do think the vac-form idea is going to be the cheapest overall.
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    MadMax Custom Car

    "What a piece of junk!!" looks quite realistic rust effect, which is always fun to see. adding any weird greebles or gizmos? (eg grapple gun)
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    Dash board replication

    I think for a dash pad, i'd duplicate it with fiberglass master, but i'm not sure how easy it will be to cast foam in it once it's done. Basically you'll need to learn how to make fiberglass molds. There will be plenty of guides on Youtube, but the hardest part is making sure the fiberglass...
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    War of The Worlds Jeff Wayne Version

    i'd been following your build on YT (and enjoyed your endo builds). didn't know you posted it here. You just need the DVD of the live show for your collection
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    Star Trek UFP Wall Clock

    I like it what?
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    Jurassic Park - Horizon Spitter (Dilophosaurus)

    Good job. It really is the paint that makes these models stand out.
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    Wash on dark vehicle model

    You could also vary between flat and gloss black for a bit of variation
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    Mad Max inspired "General Lee"

    Interestingly Fury road did have a 71 charger in the pack. If you require any inspiration, The short movie "Wasteland Legends" features a dodge charger as one of the bad guys chasing Max.