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    Want to Buy Robocop accurate writings for the helmet

    I´m looking for a set of accurate "OCP POLICE 001"-writings for the sides of my Robocop helmet.If anybody can mold or print a set for me I´m interested.
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    Star Trek Discovery Phaser by Anovos

    What are they doing with all the money?I think they produce this stuff for cheap in china...are the chinese guys so bad now that they only ship bad made props back these days that they are not good for sale here?Or are they driving expensives cars and making big travels around the world with the...
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    Bob the Alien (Giger inspired Alien)

    Amazing. :D (y)
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    Back to the Future III - Photo frame Doc & Martin

    How much is the shipping to germany?
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    EFX PCR boba helmet

    I could make really good fiberglasscasts from this helmet also from the inside.So please Disney/Lucasarchive send me this helmet and a license and I will make the fiberglassshells for you!:p:D
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    EFX PCR boba helmet

    That not right overall...if EFX goes bankrupt all the money of the waiting people is gone forever.If they can make new money with cheaper made props like this the chance that they produce the legend stuff one day is higher.No guarantee but a chance.
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    EFX PCR boba helmet

    The PCR Vader is also not I think they will do it with this one also.;)
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    Infinity War, Show your marvel props collections

    Wow..great stuff Guys.I also bought some Marvel Stuff over the years but I still need a Thor Hammer(metal) and a cap shield and helmet.Any tips for good sources?
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    EFX PCR boba helmet

    Looks very cool so far...I say this will be a great helmet at the end.:)(y)
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    The ANH Vader display that got away LOL

    Looks nice...what are the parts?
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    Marvel Legends Ant-Man helmet revealed

    Great helmet.I also bought one last week.Wanna also repaint it. :)
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    Vader SL finished and ready to ship

    Stunning...looks really good,man!:)(y)
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    I like the Black Panther necklace.Is it still for sale?
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    HeMan 31" (Custom FIgure)

    Looks great...but you should use the hulkbody in the background.;)
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    Hoverboard Battery kits

    40$ and shipping to germany is included?