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    The Orville PM-44 pistol build

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    3D Printing Babylon 5 PPG

    awesome, should be the final touch on an awesome piece..... I think i'll grab some files and do one of these later this summer nice looking prop.
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    3D Printing Babylon 5 PPG

    Some constructive feedback? If you masked off the knolled areas of the grips and hit the rest with an automotive filler primer, a few coats and some light sanding would take care of those print lines.
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    3D Printing Babylon 5 PPG

    looking nice! can't wait to see it finished
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    Star Trek Discovery Phaser by Anovos

    I'm flabbergasted as to how ANOVOS remains in business.
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    Limited Run Imperial Thermal Detonator

    Update: I'm not happy with the shells that are being produced on my 3D printer. I am upgrading them to nylon SLS printed shells, but this will mean a delay of a few weeks. I have updated the first post with this information. Price remains the same.
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    Limited Run Imperial Thermal Detonator

    Indeed! Update: My wife sprung a surprise basement development on me (where my workshop is) so I've been busy hauling everything into the garage for storage. Spooling up again tonight in a new location and will be printing off the shells. Once that is done, it's just some post processing on...
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    PM-44 In progress. Orville Gun

    Typically ScoobiJohn, users here make props freely until they get a C&D letter from the rights holder. Most studios etc only care about what we do when they have licensed to an official prop/toy maker etc....
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    Custom Blade Runner Snub Nose

    images are good!
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    Dosimeter / Geiger Counter from Metro Exodus

    I'm seeing a lot of print lines in your 3D printed components; such a neat project it would really shine if you took the time to do some post-printing finishing like using filler primer and some sand paper.
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    Avatar SN-9 Wasp

    sometimes the old ways are best..
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    Blade Runner 2049 - Binoculars Build

    Oh wow another build of this fine model! Awesome. I did one as well and added tiny screws everywhere I could as well for the realism factor. A lot of that kit looks like it's printed in resin, must have cost someone a lot of money.
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    Limited Run Imperial Thermal Detonator

    of course
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    Limited Run Imperial Thermal Detonator

    I can certainly add you to a "run 2" and see if we get enough peeps interested to make it happen.