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Im a movie fan with a keen interest in remaking props from long gone TV shows and movies, my main interest is in remaking walkie talkies and radios, I have very good 3D design and 3D printing skills and can conjur up anything from just photos, I also embellish my props with audio/visual capabilities if required.

To date I have made authentic replicas of the Burnedpt BE 470 (UK fire and Police radios used in many UK TV Dramas) , the Kenwood TH-21BT (Die Hard) the Radioshack Realistic TRC-214 (Mikes radio in Stranger Things), Martys Radio the Archer Space Patrol 60-4014 (with push button sound samples) and the PYE PF8 from the iconic UK TV cop show the professionals.

Check out my youtube channel for videos on all of these radios.
Oxforshire UK
Design engineer
Click here for my YouTube channel.